Full Moon in Aries: Holding Space for Your Growth

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Greetings beloveds,

Whooo hooo it’s the full moon in Aries! A new full moon cycle has started and it’s time for us to birth new dreams, realities, and futures. Here’s a tib bit about Aries.

Aries (March 21-April 19): The Ram

Planet: Mars Direction: Cardinal Season: Spring

Oh yes the sign that started it all. The spark of life. The ram. Aries is the first sign of the Western Zodiac and as such carries the characteristics of being a leader and a trail blazer. Starting a new path, life, or creation can be difficult as the old ways are strong and often held on to regardless of their ineffectiveness. Luckily, the Ram is here to clear the way. A headstrong being who moves forward no matter the obstacles (which can sometimes be to their detriment). Aries season marks the end of winter, meaning it’s time for a burst of energy to break out of the frost and move back towards the sun.

Aries can be distinguished by the characteristics of associated with their heads with high foreheads and strong facial features. Aries also rules the circulatory system. Ruled by the planet Mars, Aries can be a bit of a hot head with tempers that can flare unexpectedly. Generally though, Aries are standing up for others or those that they perceive as unable to stand up for themselves. Aries not only will start the war but they will finish it.  That is if they don’t find another cause that calls their attention before they can reach completion. Aries are great starters but not the best at finishing their projects.

Psychologically, Aries can be known for having large egos which do not take lightly to insult. Aries are great at leading the way but not always so skilled at knowing the best path. They need guidance and support as all sparks need support from the earths kindling, air’s oxygen, and water to balance them if their flames get out of hand to grow into a strong but secure fire. Aries are the sign of action and movement wanting to achieve their drive of being the “I am”. I am change. I am renewal. I am the beginning. I am the Ram.

          October’s full moon finds us in the time of preparing for rebirth. This past summer felt like many folks were at the bottom of the ocean sorting through their subconscious desires and emotional states. This full moon in Aries has a distinct feminine energy of creation to it when it is at the time of gestation. This means that there is a complexity to what is being created. You can’t just pop this into the microwave and bam it’s ready. No, this is months of growth, pieces coming together, parts falling into line. Aries does not like the waiting process so if you feel a pressure to move quickly, find another outlet. Go play a game, go to the movies, have sex, build something. Find something else that is not your big dream that you can work on that will be an outlet for that let’s go energy.

This energy of forward movement is compounded by the spiritual growth that you are experiencing right now. You see and feel it all around you. Your diving DEEP. Your chakras are opening and coming into alignment. Your meditations are intensifying with visions, audio, messages, physical sensations, or dreams. This may also be tied to another person. Someone may have sparked this spiritual deepening. A person who makes you want to know who you really are in your essence. Nurture yourself because you are VERY excited about your spiritual experience right now. You want to go from remembering parts of your dreams to lucid astral travel every night. That is a quantum leap. For some folks it happens. Right now, in this time of Libra, you want growth that is balanced. The scales swinging from one extreme to the other might sound appealing but the reality of that type of change is tumultuous. That is the type of change that throws you completely off your game and could lead to burnout. Flow with the energy.

Come at this as a masculine loving nurturing energy. Create and protect the space where your spirit can flourish. Give it that space to be born as it needs to. Be the father to the pregnant mother. Be supportive of your growth and spiritual journey but give it space to develop as it should. Develop your ability to hold space and occupy your time while cycles are being completed. You are a complex being. Honor those layers that are being brought back to your consciousness. There is some DEEP work being done right now. Your souls are coming together, pulling the subconscious memories of who you are to the surface. You are preparing to unite into totality.

Here are some links to articles about holding space. This is going to really help you during this full moon to not get caught up in that “rush rush I’m not growing fast enough” energy. You are. You got this. You’re fine. Hold the space for your own soul to be birthed.

The Mans Guide to Holding Space 

The Sweetness of Holding Space for Another

25 Ways to Hold Space for Yourself

With love,




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