Goddesses of Life and Death: Isis/Auset

Greetings Beloveds,

Today we are covering the Goddess of Life and Death Isis/Auset. Isis was one of the first Goddesses that I aligned with. She swept into my life and would not be ignored. Now I find myself reflecting upon her in several different forms, cultures, and states of being. Below you’ll find a quick online resource guide which explores the story of Isis from various perspectives.




Encyclopedia Britannica- Isis: History and Facts

Ancient Egypt Online- Isis: The Egyptian Goddess of Fertility

CrystalLinks- Isis

Ancient History Encyclopedia- Isis

Ancient Egypt Online- Isis

Goddess Gift- Isis, Egyptian Goddess of Magic and Giver of Life

Egyptian Witchcraft- The Goddess: Isis

Goddess Guide.com- Isis, The Egyptian Goddess

The Keep- Isis, Sister of Nephthys, Mistress of Magic

Ancient Origins- The Egyptian Goddess Isis Found in India

Ancient Origins- Isis, An Egyptian Goddess Who Spread Her Wings Across Europe 




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