Polarity, Gender and Sexual Energy

Greetings beloveds,

Last week we covered polarity here at the Bliss Institute and it inspired me to think a bit more about polarity and energy. You can read the post on Polarity here. More specifically, the relationship between the our ability to generate and create. Polarity is when there are opposite or an unequal distribution of poles, directions, charge, or energy present in an item or being. When speaking of masculine and feminine energy we find that generally these are discussed as being opposites that complement each other. Masculine energy is associated with action, direction and giving. Feminine energy, in turn, is receptive, intuitive, and introspective. These two energies represent opposite charges or ends of the poles.

Yin-Yang-Personality-Trait-Scale.jpg (550×367)

Everyone has both masculine and feminine energy. Although someone may have been assigned male or female at birth this designation does not speak to energetic polarity. Regardless of genetic makeup, gender presentation, or sexuality you will have both masculine and feminine energy. Your energy is neither equally distributed nor constant. It fluctuates depending on a variety of activities and circumstances. You can also intentionally shift your charge or through practices such as meditation, movement based practices including dance, yoga, walking, and sex. All of these activities cause for your energy to shift. It allows for a build up of energy to occur which when it reaches the threshold releases a powerful surge of creation/manifestation potential.

The electric charge you currently hold establishes your point of attraction. Masculine energy holds a positive charge and feminine energy is associated with negative energy. Not in a moral sense but simply how it interacts with the world around it. Negative energy draws in positive energy. It is the energy of the void whose space allows for new life (projects, business, love, physical items, or a child) to be developed and manifested. As the negative charge builds continuing to draw in more and more positive energy the polarity eventually reverses releasing the built up energy. From there the process starts again. Masculine energy that has a positive charge is attracted to negative energy wanting to balance it’s self out. masculine energy will give and give towards the negative charge until it has reached the point of having cleared enough space to replenish itself through the energy released from the climax.

Regardless of what energy you hold you are capable of harnessing this energy. You can figure out where your charge lies on the polar range through an examination of your actions and interactions with others. If you find that you are constantly taking on others emotions, needs, desires, or work you may have a high amount of feminine energy. Upon recognizing this you can balance out by finding someone who will allow for you to release the energy you have built up through many ways such as ritual, conversation, or activity. If you find that you are constantly giving, doing, or feel constantly energetically depleted your polarity may be out of balance and you need to either find a way to increase your energy or interact with a conductor which will exchange energy with you.

You might also choose to intentionally build this energy up with someone for the purpose of enlightenment or manifestation. In that case read up on ancient tantric practices and energetic practices.We will discuss some of these practices in November so look out for part II.

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