Of Shadow and Light: Osiris – Set – Horus the Elder

The Grain God and Ruler over the Underworld, Osiris ruled over Egypt with his beloved Isis working to create a community of prosperity. He was the energy of the life-giving grain that came from the rising waters of the Nile (Isis). God of Metal, Disease, and Boundaries, Set ruled over a portion of Egypt committedContinue reading “Of Shadow and Light: Osiris – Set – Horus the Elder”

Goddesses of Life and Death: Isis/Auset

Greetings Beloveds, Today we are covering the Goddess of Life and Death Isis/Auset. Isis was one of the first Goddesses that I aligned with. She swept into my life and would not be ignored. Now I find myself reflecting upon her in several different forms, cultures, and states of being. Below you’ll find a quickContinue reading “Goddesses of Life and Death: Isis/Auset”