All Hallows Eve: Past The Seventh Gate of the Underworld



Autumn Equinox- Entering the Underworld

My favorite myth associated with the underworld is that of Inanna. You can read the full post on entering the underworld during the Autumn Equinox here. For now we will look a the tipping point of the journey as we pass through the 7 gates and move into the underworld. Through the seven gates of the underworld Inanna travels leaving one of the 7 Sacred Me’s at the gate. These are the portions of herself being connected to her power and position as Queen of Heaven and Earth. Finally stripped bare and bowed low Inanna enters the underworld where the Annuna or judges of the underworld pass judgement on Inanna with the final judgement being given by her own sister Ereskigal who attaches the eye of death, speaks the word of wrath and then cries the decry of guilt on Inanna. Ereshkigal then hangs Inanna’s lifeless body from a meat hook where she hangs for three days. Until the beings sent by Enki manage to slip through the gates of the underworld to find the lifeless Inanna. This is not the end of the Inanna’s tale but it is where we will stop today.

Autumn marks the time when we are at the beginning of the Inanna myth. It is time for us to begin to make note of who we think we are and prepare to leave that at the gates of the underworld. This is an exercise that takes time and energy. It can be quite taxing so be prepared to feel the shift of what it means to be within the underworld. You have set up goals, put those plans into place and then taken action to bring them forth. What has not served you or worked well can be left within the underworld. For when you pass through those gates and hang upon the hook during Samhain (Halloween) it will be your choice as you begin the ascent back to our world whether you would like to pick these portions of yourself up or leave them there. The power is in your hands.

Next week will be October 31st, a time when it has been known for the veils between the worlds to be at their thinnest. When it is easiest to contact our ancestors, spirit guides, or any other being that is no longer material on this plane. There are many rituals and practices surrounding this time. I suggest that if you are interested in honoring this sacred space that you locate or create one which best fits your practice. No matter what you desire to do next week keep in mind that this is the space to leave behind your regrets, dreams, accomplishments, failures, hopes, and fears. All of which holds you back from being truly free in your heart and soul. On the night of October 31st, lay them at the crossroads between this world and the next.

Inanna teaches us upon entering the underworld that we are not defined by our external actions and words but by the entirety of who we are. Our subconscious drives must meet with our conscious will and together their energy of creation ripples outward. Whether your life fell apart or came together in 2017 it is time to let your ego or conscious mind take a rest. Let your subconscious move towards the front. Let it take your hand and lead you to a metaphorical death of who you THINK you are. In doing so, your true self will be reborn into flesh.

Welcome to underworld.



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