The State of Earth in Astrology


Greetings beloveds,

Today we will discuss Earth’s role in astrology, or more so it’s lack of. Astrology is a complex topic with many interpretations, nooks, and perspectives to explore. Yet, although the inhabit the Earth, our home planet is often only noted in passing in astrology. Astrology is another sun centered approach to understanding the human experience. There are not many who are completely unfamiliar with their “sun” sign. Solar based horoscopes can be found in magazines, online, in newspapers, and other forms of media. Diving deeper into the depths of astrology we learn about the association between the other planets, elements, stars, and constellations. Yet in all of this, where is the planet Earth?

How is the very place where we are physically born, live, love, and die left out of the equation? Yes, it is an element always present in providing attributes of grounding, security, wealth, home, harvest, and nourishment to the signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Our knowledge of what the element of Earth provides us is informed by our close relationship with the very planet it is named for. Our home deserves a space within astrology among the astrological signs. As there are two Earth signs which share ruling planets it seems only logical that Taurus or Virgo be ruled by Earth. Looking closer at the qualities of each sign of home, beauty, harvest, and analysis, Earth could be ruler of either sign or both. In actuality, we find that the Earth is present in every sign because we are present in every sign. Taurus though as the sign of earthly pleasures, persistent, foundation, domesticity, and strength is the perfect partner to Earth. By partnering Taurus and Earth together, Venus is then left to Libra to provide us with the beauty of justice and harmony. What of Virgo then? Well some astrologers assign Chiron, the wounded healer, to our harvest sign. Here at the Bliss Institute, Virgo is partnered with the dwarf planet Ceres. We will speak more about this though at another time.

To find where the Earth falls in your chart simply look to the opposite point of your sun sign. I, for instance was born with the Sun at 23 degrees in Libra. My Earth then is at 23 degrees of Aries. The house and sign that Earth is present in in our charts shows us how we are relate to our current life on this plane. My Earth being in Aries in the first house, which is coincidentally (or not) where my moon’s north node is located, indicates that during this life time I am learn how to embrace my individuality and ability to thrive based on my own capabilities. Not to depend on others and to walk my own path. My soul is ready to strike out and have a new experience. If you know where you Sun sign is located in your natal chart just hop directly across the circle and you’ll find your Earth sign.

So what are your thoughts on the planet Earth and astrology? What sign and house is the Earth located in in your natal chart? Share your findings in the comments below. I would love to hear whether you feel that this is relevant to your lived experience.

Have a delightful day,



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