Life After Death: November’s Call to Reset


Greetings beloveds,

I hope you all are well. The weather is shifting quickly in alignment with the rapid shifting of our spiritual states. We are pulling in. Moving to focus our energy on the internal. Our souls, our emotions, our thoughts and minds in a tangible way. This also draws our attention to our interactions and how this effects our internal states. This November, here at the Bliss Institute we will be focused on the element of air through breath. More specifically, how breath can ground and connect us when we are feeling called to retreat from the other. The power of breath, of air, is sometimes lost in the thoughts of the mind or the pull of the physical. This month we move beneath the surface to remember what we have always known.

November also finds us firmly within the underworld. Samhain has passed but energy is fluid so the veils remain thin as our connection to the spirit world increases with the decrease of light from the sun. More Goddesses of life and death will be introduced such as Ala, Pele, and Kali. It is also fitting that we find balance through the divine masculine and death in part 3 of our book review of The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden. This is a fitting transition to Gods of Life and Death that will be introduced in 2018. Lastly, celebration through feast, community, and faith will be explored through the planet Ceres and the benefits of giving thanks.

We welcome November and give thanks for lessons we will learn as the underworld becomes our home.



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