Full Moon in Taurus: The Stability of Chaos

Full Moon Readings (1)Greetings Beloveds,

Today we experience the comfort and stability of the full moon in Taurus. When the moon is in Taurus we find ourselves looking at our overall quality of life. Are we grounded in behaviors that bring beauty to our lives or are we stuck as slaves to our desires constantly looking for joy outside of ourselves? The Taurus need for safety can override their understanding of unhealthy situations. They love being able to nurture and care for others, their home, their job, anything that is significant to them. Yet, these are the very things that can cause for Taurus to become stagnant because all things must grow and move on. For Taurus, their bond is so strong with the world around them that releasing that which they care for is incredibly painful. Yet, the cycle of growth includes release through death. When Taurus opens themselves to experience the full cycle of life, they can tap into their ability to create anything that they desire with ease and grace.

This full moon in Taurus occurs with not only the Sun in Scorpio but Jupiter and Mercury as well. The Taurus full moon is asking us to look at our life beneath the surface. Scorpio is the sign of the underworld, the unconscious, our deep dark secrets. As Jupiter is in Scorpio over the next year or so, we must all examine our shadow. What is your relationship to your home, loved ones, and career like at this time? Do you want to be a better provider or to be provided for? Are there goals surrounding your home or material world that just do not seem to be able to come to fruition? If you feel that you are where you would like to be then take this time to go outside and connect with the Earth. Feel the ground beneath your bare feet. The wind against your skin. The light of the sun or moon upon your face. The cool moisture of the water in the air or around you. Your relationship to stability, hearth, and sensuality (that which is affected by the senses) comes into focus with this full moon.

The masculine has been plunged into the depths of the underworld with his heart in his hand to cause us all to look at how we take care of ourselves, our home, and each other. We are called to turn inwards and investigate what drives us. Our current home life often reflects what we experienced as children within the home. We unconsciously recreate what we have experienced and may have become an internal desire. This desire plays out in many ways. Marrying one of our parents, becoming one our parents, creating the same dynamics sometimes to fix what we experienced but not always. The wounds and healing we have experienced via our mother, father, or primary care taker shape us into who we can be and more often into who we are.

Yet, within us there is also an inner child who held on to our hopes, dreams, and that spark of joy about being alive. They are one with the shadow. The many parts of ourselves which make up our whole. When looking to integrate and explore our shadow it’s great to strategize. Make a plan of action, even if it is only to spend 10 minutes in meditation. Allow yourself to explore where you are in relation to what constitutes as stability for you. Stability sometimes may look like anger, chaos, divorce, depression, poverty, debt, lack of confidence, love, unrequited love, pets, books, movies, food, cars, clothes, money…the list goes on and on. Let the full moon completely uncover the truth of why your life is in its current state. Beauty is more than just aesthetics, it is a feeling. Find the beauty in the stability or chaos of your existence.



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