New Moon in Scorpio: As Above So Below-The Journey through the Underworld

New Moon Readings (1)Greetings beloveds,

How are you enjoying your time in the underworld loves? Is it everything you thought it would be? We have been diving deeper into our shadow as we have gotten further into fall. What did you find from your investigation of your relationship to home, security, stability, and sensuality? Where do you feel that your inquiries have brought you? Did you just discover more questions to explore? Perhaps it was a pleasant surprise to meet your unconscious? Or maybe sexy, funny, natural, frightening? Did it feel like home? The full moon in Taurus helped us to connect to ourselves as home. Now we move into a new moon in Scorpio.

Scorpio is the second water sign in the zodiac. Like it’s partner Taurus, Scorpio is a fixed sign continuing the journey started by the first water sign Cancer. Where Cancer explores the surface of our emotions, Scorpio ventures underneath our obvious emotional state to see what lies at the core of who we are. Water and Earth signs might find it easier to cope with the time it takes to explore and connect with our shadow sides. With the Sun moving into Sagittarius there is a pull to move forward. To find out the why and how to finish this shadow work so we can return to the surface. Yet, it is not quite Sagittarius’s time. We have a year of Jupiter in Scorpio. Go ahead and get comfortable here in this space of deep thought, feelings, and being because the best trips cannot be rushed.

Scorpio and Taurus have come together this month to fulfill the axiom of as above so below, as within so without. The great journey into the underworld is upon us. Hekate lights the way so embrace your fear of the unknown. It is here that creation begins and your true self can be free. We have lived our lives as if we are not always connected to the spiritual world. As if the world around us is not directly tied to the divine. The false separation of the mundane from the profane which has been perpetuated by our need to feel as if we cannot be free to live out our desires for fear of judgement, ridicule, and punishment. Pass through the seventh gate. Face the judgement of your true self. See them fully in all that they are as protector, lover, creator, friend, enemy, deceiver, yourself. Accept your shadow and continue on the journey of integration and actualization.

This journey will not be easy or without pit falls. Keep your head up things will get easier in December. You are always supported, especially by your shadow. Get on its side and see your life transform before your eyes.



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