The Masculine Roots: Ancestor Reverence


Greetings beloveds,

This month is all about ancestor reverence. Learning to connect, appreciate, and grow from those who have come before us so that we are able to know what may adversely or positively affect us. We are literal replicants of our family members down through the lines. Our DNA having been passed down from one to the other, reconnecting, twisting, and sometimes changing due to external or internal circumstances. But we are our ancestors if not in spirit then by blood and tissue. The cells that came together and then split multiplying into the new beings that we are today.

I did not always feel very connected to my present extended family or ancestors. I loved going to events and celebrations because the food was great and the stories about my parents were amusing. But I never spent a lot of time around family outside of that. The history between my mother and her family as well as my fathers side wasn’t the best. A part of the healing that needs to occur within my line in particular is around balance, boundaries, and healthy communication. There is on the female and maybe male line an issue with sovereignty, scarcity, and love. I am working on healing that now by doing what frightens me most, letting my heart be my guide. What came from this was a line of communication being established between myself and my ancestors. Yet, I was surprised to see who came forth.

My mother and father often told me stories of their mothers and grandmothers. I thought when I began my ancestor work, first with a guided meditation offered by Lillian Eden then through building my ancestor altar, that my female family members would come strongly present themselves to me. Only to find out that my Grandfathers on both sides were like “FINALLY”. They came through loud and strong. This was a pleasant surprise as both my grandfathers died before I was born. So I never met either of them in this world. As such, growing up with no brothers and not spending a lot of time with male family members, I am in need (yes currently) of some masculine perspective in my life. Although this occurred about 2 years ago, I am still working to build my relationship with my male ancestors. My paternal Grandfather has been addressing my lack of worth issues directly. He likes to come and assure me of the love that exists in my world. I am beyond thankful for the blessings that I have received with his assistance.

I am still working on connecting to my masculine roots as I know that this will help me to balance my masculine energy. As I am still growing in this area I will share just a few of what I have done to grow this relationship.

  1. ALWAYS assert that you would like to connect with those here for your highest good.
  2. Research my ancestors. Try to find out their birthdays, birthplaces, and other information. This will help to establish a connection
  3. Give offerings to my ancestors and specific offerings for my Grandfather.
  4. Meditate on information that I have received from my ancestors.
  5. Visit their resting places to give flowers, gifts, and other offerings.
  6. Have a celebration for their birthday (this can be as simple as lighting a candle).

I am so grateful for what I have come to learn and what lies ahead for me. Feel free to share how you connect with your roots in the comments.




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