Goddesses of Life and Death: Pele and a Life of Passion


Greetings beloveds,

Sometimes life feels like it is dragging it’s feet. We have all these plans and dreams yet we feel like we aren’t making progress towards our goal. Or perhaps things are just moving very slowly. When we begin to feel this way it is often a sign that we are in a time of gestation. A time when we are feeding the seeds that we have planted while we wait for them to grow. This time requires us to cultivate patience, conviction, and courage.

There is a sacred sister-Priestess I know who was kind enough to guide us through a short exercise on our soul dreams. One of the last questions she posed to us was “are you ready for your soul dream?”. This question touched me deeply. I thought of what I know I am here for and the larger part of my work. I saw that if my dream were to be handed to me today in that very moment I would be completely unprepared to handle the responsibilities associated with it. The lessons, the work, and the skill building made so much sense in this context. You have to build yourself to the point where you are READY to have what you desire. That is the magic of divine timing. The universe knows when you will be able to handle receiving what you want most in life. Although we might want to rush this process, taking time to let things flow as they should can be just as satisfying.

Before participating in the exercise and discussion on soul dreams, I had just completed my first day of coursework after taking 2 years off of my studies. I was nervous to return as I did not know if this was the right move for me. Upon attending class though I left with such passion and fire for my studies. Something that I thought I had lost had been waiting right there for me to return. It was then that I saw the beauty of the slowness of creation. The perfection of the bigger picture. Since the solar eclipse in Leo, I have continued to receive clarity on why I have not manifested the things I desired. Why I had not moved out of the country, bought a house, or finished my coursework. It was after waiting to the correct moment that things have fallen into place.

I feel the fires beginning to stoke beneath me. I look around me and find myself desiring to grow and expand. Such as the fire of Pele creates and destroys we find ourselves holding the power to create our own destiny. Knowing that when it is time, our dreams will be realized.

What is your soul dream and are you ready to walk that path?


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