Enchantment: The Power of Winter

Greetings beloveds,

I hope you have had a wonderful holiday season. There’s so much magic available to us at this time. This is the liminal space of the 8th gate. Past the complete release of the 7th gate where we are judged by our own heart, body, and soul. This judgement is an assessment. It is a an unfiltered look at our actions, words, thoughts, and desires. We are always found guilty. Guilty of living, loving, and being fully present in the 3D. The outcome releases us from that density where now we can be free to design our next steps.

  • Create: paint, draw, write, read, cook
  • Rest: sleep in, take a walk, visit friends, take a trip
  • Cleanse: the body through food, the mind through meditation, the soul through gratitude, your space through decluttering/donations

Most importantly take that leap of faith into the 8th gate to release your dreams and highest aspirations.


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