New Moon in Aquarius

Hello Gorgeous!

We are back with the new moon in Aquarius. How did that total lunar eclipse treat you? If you found yourself feeling a bit all over the place have no fear Aquarius is here!

February 3rd, the day before the new moon, we have Venus entering Capricorn which highlights what the message of this new moon is all about- finding peace in solitude. Capricorn in Venus creates a space where we express our feelings through acts, material items. and setting up long term arrangements. The perfect time for Valentines right? This isn’t the sentiment of Cancer, it’s the stability of the Earth. Even when the Earth takes, she births more for us without us even realizing it. We just have to know where to look.

We take this energy and then move into a new moon in Aquarius. Look at the long term narrative. We are coming out of a new moon in Capricorn, full moon in Leo, New Moon in Aquarius, followed by a full moon in Virgo before we enter into the end of the astrological year. This is the end. It’s the time to take all the cleansing, clearing, releasing and let it go into the waters of Pisces. Those depths are universal and that energy is constantly renewing.

How does Aquarius clear the air? Through systematic processes of elimination before a genius bit of innovation. There’s a reason Aquarius is related to Capricorn. Cause after you make all the lists, only keep things that bring you joy, reviewed and aligned your goals for the next 3, 6, and 12 months, you gotta let go a bit. Lighten up. Not all the work is physical or material, the mind plays such an important role in this process. We are about to enter into the season of dreaming and to get there we take a trip through the conscious, the cognitive, the mind of a genius.

So what’s your genius? Is it in the arts, writing, sports, comedy, nurturing, providing, beautifying, loving, being, creating, doing, feeling, listening , etc, etc, etc. There’s so many different ways that our genius expresses its self. Let it happen! Think of it like the mental preparation needed before a psychedelic trip. That’s where we are now before we jump down the rabbit hole of Pisces and are re-birthed through Aries.

Check out this link to find your genius.

With love,

Kamilah Rose


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