Summer Solstice 2019: Full Power

Hello lovies,

It’s one of the best seasons of the year…SUMMER TIME! Here’s your astrological breakdown for the energy of the season.

North Node in Cancer in 11th house: Bigger Picture

Learning to appreciate the role of nurturing. In many societies the act and role of nurturing has been devalued. This means that when one naturally has a nurturing personality and affinity they do not receive as much support or recognition as someone who excels in areas that are given more importance. This is a sentiment that can be changed and as the divine feminine rises it will. Kindness and caring will continue to elevate as powerful qualities in individuals and societies. With this shift, gaining power to care for others and not just for status and control will be a part of the energy of this season.

The big question is, what are your intentions? Do you choose to develop the qualities of unconditional acceptance of not only family but friends and greater society or to focus on continuing to gain status through material means? When we decenter the ego (not destroy), we find that in taking care of everyone you take care of the self. Illuminating the importance of community over the quest for wealth. The balance of Cancer is Capricorn whose shadow is ignoring the family or community to focus on their career, success, and legacy. Although this can be framed as being concerned for the wellbeing of their family and community what generally comes from this focus is a family that feels neglected. Balance can be found when caring and being involved in the family through healthy communication and appreciation through the various love languages.

Chiron in Aries in the 8th house

With this placement we are discovering our true courage, pioneering unexplored territory, and breaking ground/barriers/outworn attitudes. Most importantly our head and heart need to be in harmony because not everything is what it appears to be. Look beneath the surface to find real sense of purpose (who and what others tell you you can be and do are not everything). Let go of old attachments to move forward. Inheritance, taxes, and release through death are the means by which transformation occurs. What do you need to let go of to change? To break these habits?

Relationship of Venus in Gemini in 10th house in opposition to Jupiter in Sag (open to learning, different cultures, new experiences, soul yearns for understanding, learn tolerance) in 4th house

Venus Opposition to Jupiter: With this energy we may be driven to fall in love or focus on love outside of yourself. Expand that to opening your heart to your true feelings and allowing love to grow within you. Then from this place of self-love and support, make healthy heart connections.

4th house: Fun, games, and enjoyment, can be self-indulgent and greedy, can falsely believe that status will bring love and acceptance, joy can come in working with and helping others. You gain power and status to assist others not just yourself.  (have an open mind, explore, learn)

both square to Neptune in Pisces in 7th house.

                                Drive courage, tension and conflict

Here we find the image of the perfect soul mate/partner, yet we are projecting this image onto others as opposed to seeing people for who they are. Therefore, we can focus on working on developing ourselves so that our image of who we are matches up with what is perceived by others. Lastly, releasing the created image of the perfect other frees us to build real nurturing partnerships.


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