Summer Solstice 2019: Full Power

Hello lovies, It's one of the best seasons of the year...SUMMER TIME! Here's your astrological breakdown for the energy of the season. North Node in Cancer in 11th house: Bigger Picture Learning to appreciate the role of nurturing. In many societies the act and role of nurturing has been devalued. This means that when one … Continue reading Summer Solstice 2019: Full Power

Full Moon in Scorpio: Embrace the Transformation

Greetings beloveds, I hope you are all well. I know that there is A LOT going on right now energetically that could be affecting your equilibrium right now. On April 14th we had Jupiter sextile Pluto which held our hand as we moved to do incredible things. To move ourselves closer to our dreams. The … Continue reading Full Moon in Scorpio: Embrace the Transformation