Peace Be Still: Full Moon in Taurus

Sun and Mercury in Scorpio

The sun and mercury in Scorpio bring our attention towards deeper subjects. Understanding our why is of the utmost importance. This is not a frivolous or just a passing fancy. It is an intense moment of investigation towards our personalities and interests. Yet, the moon in Taurus wants comfort, privacy, and rest. Basically, you’ll feel inclined to conduct a lot of research from your phone or computer on your couch as your favorite streaming service plays in the background.

Save your energy. It’s a great time to build your skills and talents. Find new ways to share what you do best in the world in a way that does not energetically drain you. You’ll find that when you are in alignment work that you get paid for does not feel so burdensome.

Be mindful of depression and other internal forms of psychological states. We are moving from the third to the 4th gate of the underworld. Your personal relationship with power is being tried as we move towards engaging our heart. The greatest love can be found there but also the great pain. This is a time to be gentle with yourself and others. The moon in Taurus assists with this effort. Providing an air of support through bolstering your self-esteem and image through recognition of your gifts.

Neptune in Pisces and Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn

Capricorn is a cardinal sign in the darkest night for a reason. They are a sign of hope. A promise that the sun will return and until then the earth will provide you with warmth from its belly through gas, oil, coal, and wood. Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn represent the system of death and rebirth. The death of the old and the birth of the new to come in spring. What are your wildest dreams? Financial freedom? A fairytail romance? A homestead of your own or a condo in the city? Whatever you so deeply desire can be yours. It will require an ability to be childlike and open to new experiences. To let go of the way that you use to understand the world in order to create a new one. Neptune is a planet of mystery, dreams, and illusions. Earth is not grounding us in the physical this time, it is providing a safe space for us to be creative and free.

This full moon, let Saturn and Pluto show you has been holding you back. Leave those ties behind to be released at the new moon in Sagittarius as the phoenix rises.

Venus and Jupiter in Sagittarius tension to Neptune in Pisces

Fire and water can bring us many delights through hot beverages, meals, and warmth. They can also extinguish the other. Venus and Jupiter in Sagittarius bring a bit of luck and fun to the energy of this season. It is the joy of holiday fun, friends, and family. Neptune in Pisces is the dreamer, free to float and grow. Yet, there is tension this full moon between these energies for one is active and the other internally passive. Sagittarius is ready to learn, explore, and find beauty in the world while Pisces wants to do the same through a spiritual/macro lens. Physical movement versus spiritual stillness. How to balance? A bit of each. Slow and deliberate movement. Be mindful and then take action. You can rest but don’t sleep your days away. You must be the fulcrum and create the balance.

Fleeing Conflict: Mars in Libra

Libra, usually a sign of cooperation and peace, lends a passive aggressive air to this full moon in Taurus. Libra detests discord and this is tested with Capricorn and Taurus. Libra wants to be light and free taking things as they come. Capricorn and Taurus desire maintaining stability. Mars in Libra represents aggression explored through partnership. It is the manipulation of the system to get what you want. The tension between Mars, Saturn and Pluto is an exploration of the masculine and the feminine in different stages of maturity. Mars is a young eager energy ready to see what the world holds for them. Saturn and Pluto are older more experienced. They have taken the trips, had the relationships, and felt the impact of their decisions. Mars is ready to go while Saturn checks their schedule and Pluto is along for the ride knowing that they can stop this train whenever they desire.

Bring these many different energies into conversation by leaning into the lessons of the shadow. Embrace what makes you uncomfortable. Whether that is water, air, earth, or fire energies, this will lead you into the growth that is needed to successfully maneuver this tricky time. Focus on what you do well and use all the rest for fuel to feed the fire that burns so that the Phoenix can rise.

Happy full moon in Taurus!

Kamilah Rose


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