28 Days of Love: Day 6

I hope you found many rich experiences of your third eye at work from yesterday’s
exploration of the Clairs. Again, let’s take this a step further. 

your responses from yesterday and identify the Clairs that you had the
strongest and weakest connections with. Once you have them identified, find a
quiet place where you can be fully present for a moment. 
Take a deep breath to center yourself. Now, give thanks for what you have chosen as your strongest Clair. Stay fully focused on this ability and take three deep breaths. Then do the same with your weakest Clair, taking three deep breaths
We give thanks for the powerful and the meek. For the things that we do well and for the areas we can improve. Gratitude is powerful because of the intention and the action that follows. We grow from our full acknowledgment of our experience both light and dark. Finish the exercise with expressing gratitude for your connection and your experience. Tomorrow, we’ll complete this first week with a soul work meditation. With love, Kamilah Rose

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