28 Days of Gratitude Day 8: Gratitude and Our Attitude

Hello lovies,

It has been a full week of expressing gratitude. It may be too early in the practice to feel any difference in your everyday experience. Each day provides us with a chance to check in. This gives us a chance to observe what is and is not working for us.

Last week we focused on our soul connection through giving gratitude towards the many ways that we support and are supported by the Divine. This week we shift our focus to our heart.

Heart work and gratitude is one of my favorite areas to work in. I believe that with connection to our heart we are able to change ourselves, each other, and even the world. Its a lofty idealistic belief. I understand that. Yet, I have also seen this power in action.

As we move through the heart focused exercises this week observe how your feelings impact your day and experiences. You’ll find there is a often a correlation between the two.

With love,

Kamilah Rose

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