New Moon in Gemini: System Reset

Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus – reverse in Gemini

A new moon in Gemini is this Friday. The sign of the twins, the lovers, the investigator, and the storyteller. A sign associated with the planet Mercury-an energy aligned with the trickster and the fool. Gemini often agitates others. It is an energy that is so perceptive that it picks up on the underlying subconscious actions and beliefs of others. Through jokes and metaphors, Gemini reflects our truth back to us. For many, that is triggering. We did not sign up for this. We love the joy, laughter, and creativity of Gemini but we cannot always handle the truth.

Gemini is an innocent energy. Innocent, as in they are open to the newness of different experiences. They crave stimulation. Like a child, they are curious and inquisitive. Ready to learn more and be more. We say that they are two faced, and they can be, but they are also undefined. An ability to be fluid allows for them to change and flow with the new information that they take in. Gemini is influential. They can influence and be influenced. When they learn new information, they grow and change with it. Think about “the algorithm” of social media sites. They learn from every interaction we have with them. Gemini is the embodied version of an algorithm and they do not run away from the system update.

This new moon is a system reset, for everyone. You can change who you see yourself as, the way you communicate, the way you understand feelings/emotions, and the way you love. You do not have to hold on to who you used to be. When people say you’ve changed, laugh and agree. Enjoy the game of life and the reflection of the sacred other through personal development and analysis.

This new moon is the perfect time to work on our communication skills. Listening, speaking, writing, emoting, organizing our thoughts, and examining how we intake information are all areas that we all can put our attention towards. Find a way to channel your energy because if you do not you may experience an increase in anxiety. The shadow of Gemini consists of boredom, confusion, and lacking direction. Too much input and lack of conscious outlets. When reality becomes too unpleasant for Gemini energy, we try to rewrite our observations to fit what we would like to experience. Feeling disempowered? Find something that you can control and throw all of your energy behind it. There are many of us who have experienced this in the last few months.

Gemini tells you their truth, but in a joke- one that no one takes seriously. Take information at face value, ask clarifying questions, and try not to take things too seriously. It is a paradox but that is Gemini. This allows us to see another form of Gemini-the lovers. We cannot see others if we are not willing to see and be ourselves. Otherwise, we are not in relationships. Our mask/avatar is in a relationship. We are just in the audience watching the show. The peanut gallery throwing out comments randomly from our subconscious. Make the unconscious conscious and change your life.             

That’s all for part one. See you all on tomorrow for part 2.

Kamilah Rose


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