The Masculine Descent into the Underworld Part 2: Roles and Themes

Hello lovies!

We’re back with part 2 of the masculine descent into the underworld. Let’s examine, using the Inanna myth, how the role of the masculine could play out when left in a world that has abandoned the feminine.

There are a multitude of ways to approach this. For example, as a husband who loved Inanna, Demuzi could have done as her sons and handmaiden did by lamenting her death and closing her temples/space. Demuzi may have acknowledged that it was only through his relationship with the Goddess that he was able to become King at all. Without Inanna, Demuzi only held the title in name, not practice. Perhaps he could have come to search for Inanna, not ceasing his search until he found her even if it meant traveling to the underworld. Yet, what was Demuzi’s path?

Inanna’s followed a divine path, she was the one who came from the Gods. She heard the call of the underworld and integrated life with death. Demuzi, as the masculine took the role of duty. Of having to press on even when all that you hold dear and gives you power is no longer present. Did Demuzi feel abandoned by his Queen? Wondering why she would go on this journey of no return?

In light of the current state of the masculine and feminine, I have to look at the possibility that Woklenstein proposed that Demuzi was simply trying to maintain order and keep the world functioning. His response was that of the masculine out of balance – missing the feminine and disconnecting from the emotional recognition of one’s life experiences.

Inanna’s sons on the other hand represent an alternative response to loss and change. Similar to the way in which the creatures created by Enki to retrieve Inanna commiserated with Erishkigal’s pain and suffering, Shara and Lulal tore their clothes and lamented Inanna’s passing in essence taking the journey into the underworld with her. Thus, as Inanna’s masculine partner, it would only make sense for Demuzi to go through what she did in order to be her equal. This would explain why he inherently would take Inanna’s place.

When I look at the behavior of the masculine today, I see folks who are acting from a space of duty and supposed responsibility. Many, regardless of gender identity experience that they have been abandoned by the feminine. That portion of themselves and society which provides a space to feel deeply, express their creativity, receive from others and give freely feels compromised or as if it doesn’t exist at all.

In response to this we are hyper-masculine. Sitting upon our thrones as if nothing has happened. Falling back on our identities which give us a resemblance of form and meaning. As such we are being called ourselves to visit the underworld and experience the rebirth of ourselves as whole beings. The throne, whether it be your family, job, home, friends, or purpose is snatched from us. This forces us to go within and experience the all of the feminine.

Demuzi witnessed the power of the feminine in the form of Queen of Heaven and Earth, but now he must see her as Ruler of the Underworld. We too must do the same in order to realize that we were never left behind to carry on the best we could. We were given the gift of being whole. Of having a partnership within ourselves and between each other that is not only light but shadow. Whole.

This will begin to happen more rapidly especially as more folks are going within and traveling through the underworld. When they return they will call those around them who have not integrated to take their place and become whole. Let us support each other as this occurs. Shall we all rise as whole integrated being beyond the confines of identity as provided by our world at this time.

Here’s to you loves as you rise.

– Kamilah Rose


Woklenstein, D. & Kramer, S. N. 1983. Inanna Queen of Heaven and Earth: Her Stories and

Hymns from Sumer.


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