New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini

Sun, Moon, Mercury, and North Node in Gemini Gemini energy is here! We love Gemini in this house because their childlike curiosity can be so contagious. Gemini being so prominent in this astrological energy Venus and Mars in Cancer Beauty and passion unite this new moon. Our hearts are aflame with the energy of theContinue reading “New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini”

New Moon in Gemini Part 2

Mars and Neptune in Pisces Working on communication with assist us in working with the energy of mars in Pisces. There is a pull on you to grow spiritually. There is an area that you excel in. We all have a purpose to serve and if you feel tension or resistance to stepping into thatContinue reading “New Moon in Gemini Part 2”

New Moon in Gemini: System Reset

Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus – reverse in Gemini A new moon in Gemini is this Friday. The sign of the twins, the lovers, the investigator, and the storyteller. A sign associated with the planet Mercury-an energy aligned with the trickster and the fool. Gemini often agitates others. It is an energy that is so perceptiveContinue reading “New Moon in Gemini: System Reset”

New Moon in Gemini: Dare to Be Great

It’s Gemini Season! We are feeling the pull to get out and share what matters most to us (to those who deserve it). We have recently come through some difficult times of release, rejuvenation, and rebirth. The birth process is not always easy and yet there is idea that everything is sunshine and roses duringContinue reading “New Moon in Gemini: Dare to Be Great”