New Moon in Gemini Part 2

Mars and Neptune in Pisces

Working on communication with assist us in working with the energy of mars in Pisces. There is a pull on you to grow spiritually. There is an area that you excel in. We all have a purpose to serve and if you feel tension or resistance to stepping into that role, Mars is here to help show you the way. A mentor, relationship, or partnership may play a role in helping you to make these moves. You might also be guided to do your work at the community level providing large scale ceremonies, pieces of literature or art, having a large audience. Fears are being activated. Often what we fear most is what we most desire. Rejection and attraction are soulmates. When we run from rejection we cut ourselves off from attraction as well. Thus, tap into Mars to build up the courage to move forward. Be open to sitting with that energy. Neptune at home in Pisces suggests to work with your ancestors or the skills that you have inherited. What is your family known for? Who helped you to feel safe in your birth family or chosen family? Name them, call them, give offerings to them and thank them for their continued support and protection.

                                Mars square sun and moon

Folks feel spiritually challenged. Their conceptions of the world beyond this physical plane are being expanded. We are devouring everything that we can find to help explain this existential transition. Take a deep breath and find a focal point. Set a target and follow through until you reach a point of completion. Then chose another target. Otherwise, you could spend this time running in circles accomplishing little and feeling endlessly distracted.

Jupiter (Reverse) and Pluto – (Reverse) in Capricorn

Hello retrograde! Welcome to a time of frustration and inertia. You have a purpose to fulfill and everything is messed up. All your plans have had to change, goals reset, and shifts made to accommodate this new reality. Take it all in stride. With Jupiter and Pluto reversed we are having a moment. You work on those skills that you need to share your purpose with the world. Remaining flexible with be vital as it seems things are nearing completion with no set next steps. Earth signs desire stability and Capricorn loves having a stable environment through financial and emotional security. Spend time nurturing these relationships. Don’t push against blockages that arise in the area of work, money, and a happy home. Just hear folks out and take time to express yourself. Take a step back if things still feel like they are falling apart.

Saturn (Reverse) in Aquarius

                Saturn the planet of revolution, death and rebirth in reverse in Aquarius the sign of evolution and spiritual enlightenment. What a time, what a time. There’s many ways this can play out. One experience will be that things go back to how they were in 2019, except everything will feel…off. We will particularly feel this once Saturn moves back into Capricorn. Think of it being a dream that feels very realistic, but there’s just enough that feels off so that you know it’s a dream. The biggest take away will be to observe where we are right now. Do not go off into a fantasy world. Stay in the present, because Saturn will turn direct and we will be back to this same revolutionary energy. Stay prepared so you do not have to get prepared. Take every lesson you learned during COVID-19 and put that into long term practice. If you don’t need a fully stocked pantry months from now, great. If you don’t need an emergency fund a year from now, great. Have it anyway. Showing that you have learned to the lesson is the best way to not have to repeat it.

 Uranus in Taurus

Remember to put your time and energy towards what you value. Walk the walk and talk the talk.

with love,

Kamilah Rose


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