Full Moon in Sagittarius: Perfect Sight

Sun, Venus (Reverse) in Gemini

                Information overload. Everywhere you look there’s so much going on. Gemini LOVES this. This energy lives for stimulation. They are here to perceive what occurs around us and then reflect that information back to us. Gemini is in Venus, an energy that is fun, flirty, and craves being intellectually stimulated. Yet, as Venus is reversed, folks are feeling overwhelmed. It’s too much information all at once. Is it ok to have fun with such serious topics? Gemini is a sign of communication and perception, but that’s a two-way street. Listening and speaking. Slow all the way down y’all. Take your time. Research and learn through connecting with others so you can see a different perspective. We may not be able to travel at this time, but the internet is available and there are tons of resources that will make this time much easier.

Be mindful not to run away from your feelings by focusing on actions. Take in information and then give yourself space to process it. Otherwise, there will be a moment where everything you have avoided comes roaring up to be dealt with. Doing the work now to remain present will allow you to release and flow.  

Moon in Sagittarius

                How do we open our hearts? How do we expand our awareness of the pain of others and ourselves. These questions help us to navigate this full moon. Sagittarius is a straightforward sign that calls us to face the darkness of our hearts and fears in order to find true joy. In a time when we are experiencing uprisings to address the systematic racism, mistreatment and discrimination towards Black people in the US, the darkness around stratification within our societies as a whole has been brought to the light. Will you stay the course and face the darkness or will you let our shadows turn our light into night?

There is a deep pain related to finding and being true to who we are. We experienced denial or rejection from others as we sought our happiness. Perhaps you pushed this down or silenced this portion of yourself. It may have been easier to conform in order to be accepted by society and particularly, close relationships. You’ve closed or hardened your heart. Not wanting to listen to perspectives that require making yourself vulnerable. The tides are turning. Although it may feel safe to stay within your walls, this false security will not last for long. Take the first step and move outside of your comfort zone. Start with yourself. What truly brings you joy and helps you to remain emotionally vulnerable? Those are the activities that you

Mercury in Cancer

                Let’s talk your purpose and divine work. It is important to work in an environment where you are nurtured and given a space to express yourself. Whatever your divine work is, it is time to care for yourself and others through communication. Find your voice lovies. Silence is violence. When we silence ourselves that is self-harm, when we are silenced by others that is a form of aggression whether micro or macro. Create, advocate, and provide spaces which affirm to support your own divine work and that or others.

Mars and Neptune in Pisces

                This is an excellent time to heal and provide healing. It is a time to be of service and receive this energy from others. You may be wondering where this drive came from. It feels like this is a critical moment. That is because it is. This is what we are here to do. Your soul is calling for healing. You’ve read earlier about the importance of speaking up and listening, well we are feeling some tension here. We are spacing out and being stubborn. We are idolizing what healing looks like. That if we perform growth then it will equal doing the work. WRONG! Talk that talk and walk that walk. Learn, communicate, rest, dream and grow. Let what you learn from this experience encourage you to chase your dreams. You are worth it. You can do this. I believe in you. The universe believes in you.

Jupiter (reverse) and Pluto (reverse) in Capricorn

                What is your great work? This is a reoccurring theme for this full moon. What are you here to provide for the world and yourself? There are opportunities coming from our close connections or relationships that are available to expand our reach. We are also experiencing significant endings in these areas. Perhaps they are not as aligned with your energy or your purpose as it initially seemed that they did. We are having a wake-up call. Let us hold steady and commit to the work. Obstacles, blocks, barriers, feeling vulnerable, frustrated, and unheard are all issues that we are facing. It seemed like we were making such progress in 2019, yet here we are in 2020 and our infrastructure is shattered. 2020 granted us with perfect sight- it gave us truth.

Saturn (reverse) in Aquarius

                Take a step back. Rebellion and revolutions serve a purpose. But are you caught up in the hype? Questioning and taking an alternative stance just to be different? Take a step back. Be critical, question authority, dig into why the world functions the way it does, but do not be seduced by those who take a stance against the loudest voices just to be oppositional. Check with your moral compass. Define your great work and acts of service. Then, make sure that your actions are in alignment. You’re committed to love? Your committed to justice? Are you committed to peace and equality? If you find that it is only through silence, opposition, and restriction that these ideals can come to be – there’s an issue. You’ve turned a heart driven purpose into a cold intellectual exercise. Statistics represent people. These people have feelings, hopes, and dreams. How do we create a world that supports that? That’s Saturn in reverse in Aquarius. Are you brave enough to focus on the long-term goal? To move fully into creating a space where humanity can be free? This is the time. Focus.

Uranus in Taurus in the 8th house

                To find peace, we must commit to following our own path. To being ourselves and releases our connection to the past. We find ourselves in a time loop. Dealing with the same issues that our ancestors did. Take a deep breath. Breathe through the anxiety, the rush of emotions, the feelings of unease. We are guided by the past and our ancestors, we do not have to repeat what they have done. Remaining present and connected provides us with the insight we need to change our world. Use this to channel the energy of Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, Mars, and Neptune. They need shape and form to bring about real change. We were born for this and it shall come to pass.

With love,

Kamilah Rose


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