Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Sagittarius: Mutable Energy Take Over

Sun, Mercury, Venus, and True Node in Gemini If you were looking for the opportunity to talk about yourself, now is the time! This lunar eclipse we are finally coming fully back to ourselves. We have defined our boundaries, released, refined, nurtured, and created. Now it’s time to share who we are. Whether this isContinue reading “Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Sagittarius: Mutable Energy Take Over”

Full Moon in Sagittarius: Perfect Sight

Sun, Venus (Reverse) in Gemini                 Information overload. Everywhere you look there’s so much going on. Gemini LOVES this. This energy lives for stimulation. They are here to perceive what occurs around us and then reflect that information back to us. Gemini is in Venus, an energy that is fun, flirty, and craves being intellectuallyContinue reading “Full Moon in Sagittarius: Perfect Sight”

Full Moon in Aries: Removing the Mask

 A season of grace with a sword in one hand and scales in another. With the sun and mars in Libra, there is a passive aggressive edge in the air. Libra is not a sign that runs toward conflict unless they are defending others. Justice for those who cannot defend themselves? Right up Libra’s alley.Continue reading “Full Moon in Aries: Removing the Mask”

Burn it Down Baby! 2018 Full Moon in Sagittarius

It’s the last full moon of spring and we are going out with a party! It’s Gemini season with a full moon in Sagittarius meaning it’s time to take adventures, have fun, explore, break out of your doldrums and start connecting with the world around you. Here’s the thing, it may not feel like aContinue reading “Burn it Down Baby! 2018 Full Moon in Sagittarius”