New Moon in Virgo: Pause and Adjust

Sun and Moon in Virgo

Unrefined, new, fertile, fecund. That is the energy of Virgo. It is a time when the harvest was coming in. When the days were becoming shorter as the seasons prepared to shift. Are you ready for a change? For the heady waters of summer to fall away into the cool breeze of autumn.

Precision and care are the name of the game at this time. Mars and Chiron in Aries are not necessarily the best at this, but they will of course give it a try.

The Earth signs are dancing together this new moon. You know what that means! It’s time to bring some order to your life. To review what has grown in your life over the last season.

What has brought you joy and expansion?

What are the barriers that you have encountered?

Did something unexpected happen which greatly impacted your life?

These are the questions to examine during a new moon in Virgo in relationship with Capricorn.

Your soul is in need of care and attention. This takes psychic energy which can leave you drained over time. Thus, a lot of time is needed to relax and recharge. This mutable water (Pisces) and mutable earth (Virgo) work together to bring our soul and our desire to serve into communion.

Mercury in Libra

                Our relationships provide us with the perfect space to explore and understand ourselves. The self is reflected back to us through conversations, chance encounters, and the exchange of ideas. There is a sense of fun and adventure in the air! We are connecting with each other through the places that make us feel nurtured and safe.

Take the time to share your favorite recipe, work on a hobby or craft, pull out your favorite outfit and visit your favorite place. This is going to be a pleasant distraction, but it’s still a distraction. When that feeling to throw caution to the wind and just chill out takes over, weight out if this is the BEST choices for yourself. Do you have projects with deadlines or other time sensitive items that need your time and attention? If so, see if you can postpone them or otherwise finish that work before you head off for fun and frolicking. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself feeling the bliss and stressed.

Venus in Leo

                Oh yes, we will be having a good time this new moon! Yet, all things are more complicated then what they seem. In this case, the call for what may seem to be superficial attraction based on charisma and “feel good” antics, will rub up against the work we have been doing to align our values with our behaviors. Time to walk the walk and talk the talk. This is a healing moment. There has been a time when we were unable to engage in these moments of bliss because we were confined to external demands. This could be self-imposed or from others. Fulfill your promises and make a commitment to maintain healthy relationships. Balance is the name of the game with all of these planets in reverse.  

Mars and Chiron Reversed in Aries

                What is a warrior without a purpose? Without a clear target or goal? What do they do with their energy? Where does it go? That’s the question of Mars and Chiron reversed in Aries. This new moon, we are feeling this frustration around sexual fulfillment and our inherited gifts and traumas. Older family members may be a trigger during this time. Many folks are concerned with their legacy. What have they inherited? What will we have to pass down after us? These questions can shape our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. You want to lash out to break free of expectations, but be aware of the long term outcomes.

Locate where Mars is in your birth chart.

From there, look up how your natal Mars will interact with the current Mars placement.

This information will provide insights on how best to use this energy.

Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto Reversed in Capricorn

                Take a deep breath, review your plans and be gentle with yourself and each other. Things are just going to be annoying because there are so many setbacks! Things keep changing, none of your plans are working out how you thought it would. Why? Because it’s time to take a break! Have some fun and try not to be so serious about EVERYTHING. Do the work and then take a break. Make some progress and then work on something else. Give the energy of the pause its just due and focus on that soul work.

Uranus in Taurus Reversed

                How do our values shape our attitude towards education, travel, and exploration? It’s time to change things up here! These areas are either being undervalued or overvalued and it will be depend on what is collectively chosen to represent importance for our society. Luckily, we are interested in expanding our understanding towards these topics. Yet, we are still leaning towards trying to fit into a restricted format of what counts as education and how we learn. This will not last. Expansion is needed. We can learn information that is just as valuable as what we learn in formal education. It is different, but just as important to be exposed to new experiences and people. There is push back on this perspective which can cause some issues for those who desire more variation in methods of learning and growth.

Neptune in Pisces Reversed

                Since pretty much everything else is falling through, might as well focus on some of that soul work huh? How are things in your relationships? Our relationships are the perfect place to learn about the state of our shadow work and soul work. External relationships provide reflections for us to better understand ourselves. Neptune in Pisces is an ongoing opportunity for us to connect to the portions of ourselves that we limit and hide to function in the world. This may have served us during one time in our life, but during this time of convergence the whole self will provide us with the fortitude needed to thrive.

With love,

Kamilah Rose


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