Auset: The Milk of Life Experience of Death, and the Promise of Resurrection

Greetings beloveds,

Today is our last post dedicated to only to Auset (Isis) this year. As we discuss Auset as a Goddess of Life and Death, let us explore the beheading of Auset.

Set and Horus were embroiled in their continuous battle for rulership over the land. Horus had gained the upper hand with Seth, a clear victory for him on the horizon. Set then turned to Auset, begging for assistance from his sister. Auset, as is her way,

Set was beside himself with anger that his mother would betray him by helping her brother. In his rage, he sliced Auset’s head clear off.

The Goddess Was Dead.

Thoth, in his infinite wisdom, knew that the world would not survive without Auset. He used his powers of healing and restoration to replace Auset’s head with that of a cow.

Auset Was Reborn.

What happened to Auset while she was dead? Her body remained, but did her spirit fly to her husband’s kingdom in the Underworld? Did she gain a place in Ra’s chariot in the sky?

The Myths of Auset provide details about her story of life and loss, yet not what occurred during her death.

Through her death at the hands of her son, Auset stepped into her role as cow deity. Her horns her throne. The moon held between their grasp. She quenches thirst and hunger. Auset provided the milk of life, lived the unavoidable death, and brough the promise of resurrection.

  •                 What is your milk of life?
  •                 What has brought you to the underworld?
  •                 What wisdom is needed to be reborn?

With love,

Kamilah Rose


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