Fall Equinox 2020 Astrology Reading: Embrace the Paradox of Life

Sun and Mercury in Libra

The season of balance is upon us! This fall, we are accepting the paradox of life. That there can be completely contradictory things that can be true. That one can be kind, thoughtful, and compassionate to one while being callous, shortsighted, and judgmental of others. When we accept the paradox of life, this allows us to calm the tension that arises from imbalance. That cognitive dissonance that pulls us out of peace and into a stressful state.

 Since it’s fall, it’s time to make a judgement. Virgo asked us to assess our current state. Are you where you want to be in life? Do you know what you want your life to look and feel like? What are your goals? Once you have this figured out, it’s time for the real Libra work of weighing out what you want to focus on. Libra needs to see all of their options in order to make a sound decision. So, go into detail and take your time. From there, you can make the best choice of what gets carried over into your fall quarterly goals or focus areas. Find friends who are on the same page and can support you in your efforts. Be mindful not to create a vacuum where everyone has the same perspective or ideology. Differences will highlight the paradox and support your growth.

Be aware of a tendency to avoiding conflict in order to maintain the peace.

This serves no one.

Get creative this season! Libra is one of the art signs and the ruler over the aesthetic. Find spaces where you can have conversations outside of the norm. Classes, art exhibits, discussion boards, and groups can broaden your perspective and be the calm in the storm of the shifting seasons.

Moon in Sagittarius

Emotions will be light, passionate, and inquisitive this season. We want to enjoy each other and have fun! Lots of time spent with loved ones and in celebration will be desired. Find ways to express yourself that are fulfilling and satisfying. Harness this energy to tap into a drive to learn more about the topics that you have an emotional connection to.

Mars and Chiron reversed in Aries

The theme of finding peace for this fall continues with Mars and Chiron reversed in Aries. This time, we are reviewing what challenges our ability to be at peace in our work and our health. The key indicator: stress. Stress is a common occurrence, but chronic stress can have a detrimental long-term impact on our health. When you feel yourself starting to get stressed out, overwhelmed, or out of balance, it’s time to advocate for your well-being and say enough is enough. There will be plenty of opportunities to do this as you engage with Libra’s energy this season, particularly as folks will want to project their stress onto you.

It is one thing to choose to push your limits and another for others to tell you that you “should be willing to sacrifice your health and well-being for others”. The paradox of life says that there is truth to both statements, but YOU are the only one who can say which is true for you.

Venus in Leo

Caring for others and stepping into positions of power that allow you to lead are on the table this season. This leaves you feeling confident, fun, and flirty. Enjoy being in the spotlight! This is a time when you will be appreciated for your skills which makes you feel ever more at the top of your game. Ignore the haters when they arrive. They should be focused on their own success! If things do get dicey, lean into the charm and charisma of Leo to smooth things over. Enjoy the love!

Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto-reversed in Capricorn

Believe half of what you hear this season. Significant changes are coming this season as youth/age, expansion/restriction, and other polarities come together in the sign of order and purpose. Integrity is key here. Be true in your word, your thoughts, your beliefs, and your communication. If you are unsure, say so. If you are uninformed, say so. Secrets will not stay secret. They will sprout from the depths revealing all. You may want to find out everything about what is being said and done about the economy, education, and welfare of the populous. This can lead to burnout. We know Capricorn is the goat, but even they need to rest every now and then. Make self-care sacred. Make it a part of your practice. Give it as much attention and gravity as you do your life purpose. This will guard against becoming the sacrificial goat in your life.

What we sacrifice is made sacred. Make sure that you are clear what is being offered during this season. There may be a bait and switch in the last minute. You do not want to find yourself up on the pyre UNLESS it is intentional to bring about a personal rebirth or resurrection.

Uranus in Taurus

Taurus has been working to ground the passionate energy of Mars and Chiron in Aries for quite some time. Uranus though is shaking things up a bit- can we say Earth-quake? Taurus is seeking that calm stability that makes them feel safe and capable. Yet, we keep encountering chances to change and transform. These encounters are very enticing. There are some who move towards this change. They desire the chance to redefine their environment. Others are very resistant to these changes. They want things to remain as they are. They may express a desire to return to previous ages or “normal”. Yet, we define the norms and this gives us the power to transform our lives.

Lastly, be mindful of any contracts or agreements this season. There will be opportunities that arise which will be everything that you desire. Just read the fine print. It is important to be sure that they are in alignment with your values and are not signing you up for something that will cause you to lose your sense of peace.  

Neptune in Pisces

Our friends and spaces where we find pleasure will be our mirrors this season. The spaces where we can encounter and reconnect to our soul. Yes, deeply emotional and spiritual experiences can bring us into connection with the deepest parts of our self. These are not the only ways to heal though. Sometimes, when we are in place filled with joy, laughter, love, sensuality, and sexual fulfillment this can open us to facing the parts of ourselves which thrive from love. Perhaps we have cut off our connection to our hearts and joy. We may feel shame, guilt, or fear from being fully present in these spaces because it feels vulnerable. This fall, we find ourselves again and again in these circumstances. Work with the energy of Mars in Aries and Uranus in Taurus to go deeper into these loving spaces even when it feels scary or uncomfortable.

You are worthy of joy.

You are worthy of laughter.

You are worthy of love.

You are worthy of being sensual and sexy.

It is time to find the balance and take care of ourselves.

With love,

Kamilah Rose

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