New Moon in Scorpio: The Heart of the Matter

Sun, Moon, Mercury in Scorpio

                Honesty is needed to build trust. These are old connections and old hurts. Scorpio energy brings us face to face with death. When the time comes what will your response be? Few know, but the thought is that we will have the wisdom and courage to seek life. This new moon we must have the courage to face our feelings about what has shaped us into who we are. From there we can commit to a path of being who we are meant to be. Take heart, the journey is long and you’ll need to keep your spirits up.

Sun/Moon sextile Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn

                The plans that we make to achieve our great work and purpose show us the parameters of what is possible. We have been bouncing up against this energy all year. This new moon while serving your purpose (whatever that may be) we will see that we can achieve more than we ever dreamed of. We have also learned that there are somethings that we can try and try to accomplish, but they just won’t work out in the way that we would like for them to. This is when Pluto in Capricorn comes into play. Our soul is playing out a story that was written out long before were born in this life. The work that we are pursuing helps to bring us closer to plumbing through the depths of our past to understand how we ended up where we are now.

                Sun/Moon trine Neptune in Pisces

                This is a great time to do deep emotionally taxing and spiritual work. Want to take a trip to the underworld? Perhaps do an exploration of what makes you feel cared for and nurtured. From there explore what you have dreamed of that you hold closest to your heart. Perhaps the things that have fallen through or did not work out were so that you could take a chance on yourself.

                Mercury square Saturn in Capricorn

                It’s going to be difficult to talk about what’s holding us back. The barriers and limitations which we haven’t been able to get passed are going to be frustrating. The worst part will be that you won’t want to talk about it, but you will want to somehow move this energy. It’s ok. Go within and do the inner work.

Venus in Libra

                Venus is home right now in Libra and this will bring some much needed balance to our relationships. Communication is sexy. Overcommunicate. Explain it again. Resend that email. Make sure you check that text and that the message was received. If you are seeking connection now is the time to intellectually engage. Read, write, talk, touch, smell, taste- embrace the information that you receive from the world around you and share that with others.

Opposition to Mars and Chiron in Aries

Mars and Chiron in Aries are not here for it. They don’t want to connect through taking in information, they want us to learn through doing. We can appease both energies. Connect with people who are different from you and who can help you to grow as a person.

                Square Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn

                There won’t be much help from the planets in Capricorn either. This feels more like a chore then a chance to expand. We don’t want to explain ourselves, we want folks to use their own senses to pick up on what is happening. Don’t fall for the trick. Share or don’t. It’s your choice. Just be straight with others with what is happening with you before it begins to negatively impact your health and wellbeing.

Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn

                How’s your health going? Feeling really great, pretty crappy, or having a flair up of a chronic issue? We may see a lot of topics around health, money related to health, and positions that provide health care come into focus this new moon. A miraculous healing or recommitment to big health and healing goals is possible. There’s also a great chance that you will hit a lot of snags and become pretty ill during this time, especially if you have been neglecting preventative strategies. Either way, this will be a pretty big wake up call. Stay on the path. Do the work. Rest and pay attention to your stress levels.

Mars and Chiron in Aries

                We’ve been ready to go. We’ve been ready to move. We are healing the wounds related to us being our unapologetic true selves. Here’s the tip for this new moon, don’t beat people up because they haven’t had an experience or can’t understand where you are coming from.  Take this as a chance to educate others about who you are through your actions. Be about it.

Uranus in Taurus

                Better make sure those values are in alignment with what your purpose is because there may be some deep conversations that will either push you further into or away from your current social role. Perhaps where you find yourself in life is just not in alignment with who you consider yourself to be. If you find that there are folks who would rather you just play the role and not express yourself these are not the people for you. You might want to dig your heels in like Taurus, but you can decide that this an opportunity to find peace in the stillness of letting foolishness pass you by.

Neptune Reversed in Pisces

                Well, be mindful of possible addictive behaviors and coping mechanisms popping up as we are revisiting some old themes in our life. The shadows loom large when we ignore them or push them away. They will emerge in ways that are harmful for us. Or we can treat the things that frighten us like a dream. When we are in a dream, what occurs symbolizes different things. They are representations of the work we must do. Be like Pisces, reflect it back. Be bigger, be wider, be connected, be brave.

With love,

Kamilah Rose


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