New Moon in Taurus: Peace through Embodiment and Expression

Sun, Moon, Uranus in Taurus

Taurus is such a delightful energy. It is the energy of peace that beauty brings. The engagement of the senses to remind us that we are alive. What is beauty to you? How do you express it in your life? This  new moon we will be in a spirit of learning, sharing, and exploring how we see ourselves, our emotions, and what needs to change in our world to encompass the energy of Taurus.

Mercury, Venus, True Node in Gemini

Similarly, we see ourselves expanding through the same means of learning, sharing, and exploring our communication style, our relationships, and the call of our purpose as cultural storytellers and the keeps of our personal narrative. The stories that we tell ourselves, that the world tells us, that we believe about the world influence every aspect of our lives. From how we interact with each other, ourselves, and the world around us. From our inner voice, friends, family, community, society, and global perspectives- we are bombarded with messages about who we should be- what we should be doing-where we should be going-how we should be doing it. This changes based on the seasons, the expectations, and the agendas of the various voices of the world. Taurus energy calls us back into our embodied ways of knowing. To make choices on how/what we interact with based on how we physically feel when engaging in the thoughts, behaviors, and conditions. To take the time to tune in to what our body is telling us (Taurus/Gemini) to make decisions about our relationships with everything around us (people, places, ideas, nature, animals).

We will learn a lot this new moon from our bodies. They will be our greatest teacher. We can also learn from others how to relate to our bodies and thus ourselves. Honoring our form requires listening. That is the other greatest aspect of Gemini-they not only speak-they ACTIVELY LISTEN. If your body is sending you a message what is it saying? How do you honor that in response? If someone else is sharing a message with you, how do you receive that? How do you honor their sharing? This planet is sharing it’s life with us, how do we receive it? How do we honor Earth as a giver, sustainer, and taker of life?

These are all areas to explore this new moon in Taurus.

Mars in Cancer

We still have Mars in Cancer, leading us to understanding how we nurture and protect our personal understanding of home (body/place/roots/ancestors). This will be highlighted in your work. We will feel a deep passion towards caring for our home through our great calling. Whether this be your job, family, self-development, or passion projects will differ for everyone. It is about your personal connection. Either way, the Crab energy of cancer may make you retreat into your shell or snap those claws at those who you feel threaten your home space. If this is at work, use this communication and embodiment energy from Taurus and Gemini to ground those feelings and express them. Otherwise, you may attempt to drag them into Cancers depths only to come pouring out in unexpected ways like springs gushing forth from the ground. Water always runs down and eventually it will be released. Holding on to these feelings will not provide you with the peace that you think it will. Find ways that are not harmful to yourself or others to express these feelings.

Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius

We still have Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. They are squaring the Taurus energy causing friction between the call of embodying peace and the call of creating collective cognitive peace through innovation from Aquarius. We want to expand how we approach our health. New treatments, new perspectives, new universal systems that can improve and sustain the health of nations. We are also seeing the ways that our desires and drive to create define our efforts to accomplish large scale improvements. This can be a bit frustrating as these may be the very things that the Taurus energy is showing us bring peace and stillness into our lives.

How do we put these contrasting realities into conversation so that they can work together? Give them both space to exist. Listen to your body and listen to the world around you. Accept that there may be things that make you physically feel whole and safe that may positively and negatively impact yourself, others, and the world around you. Create a balance between these two initiatives to be cognitively present in your body and witness the areas of our lives that need healing, to be changed, and to be released.

Neptune in Pisces and Chiron in Aries

Our relationships offer us some respite this new moon. This will come in several forms. Dreams coming true, truths coming to light, illusions being revealed, and wounds that injured our sense of self, confidence and ego being exposed. The work that we do in Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, and Aquarius are vital for allowing us to maintain our ability to face these placements. Neptune in Pisces has been encouraging us to seek deeper connections through our spirituality as the work we are doing can be very taxing and when it gets to be too much, we need something to depend on. Something that can ground us (that Virgo energy is very helpful here). Otherwise we can turn to additive behaviors to distract us from what we are experiencing. Then we combine that with Chiron in Aries and everything feels personal. Everything hits a little to close to home.

Libra energy is helpful here to remind us that we are always in partnership with the world around us. We see this through Pisces – that the Divine is always here with us creating an eternal I/Thou/Me/We dynamic. Utilize this energy to find balance. To discern between your shadow and the projections that are placed upon you. To develop your emotional intelligence in order to improve your communication skills with yourself and each other. Often the signs are right there, but we are reluctant to hear what our bodies and souls are telling us.

Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

Finally, Pluto in Capricorn is going to call out all of our self-destructive behaviors that we use for coping mechanisms, self-care, and just for plain old fun. If you already know these behaviors do not benefit you other than for a very short-term bit of relief with long-term negative impact, just go on and let it go for the next few weeks. Otherwise this might lay you out this new moon.


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