New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini

Sun, Moon, Mercury, and North Node in Gemini

Gemini energy is here! We love Gemini in this house because their childlike curiosity can be so contagious. Gemini being so prominent in this astrological energy

Venus and Mars in Cancer

Beauty and passion unite this new moon. Our hearts are aflame with the energy of the deepest forms of creation. Cancer is the first water sign, our first trip into our emotional core. We have felt the fire, the pull of the Earth, the curiosity of the mind, and now our hearts open. Our feelings are deeply engaged. We engage with our inner child, our mother, our creator. What this means for our sense of self. How this plays out in our values, morals, and manifestations. Emotional blockages here will reveal what has limited our sense of self and our ability to remain emotionally/mentally present in our bodies. We are dis-embodied. We are disengaged. We are overwhelmed and thus, are unable to intentionally create.

How do we address this? By tapping into the healing waters of Cancer. The safety of the shell which allows for limbs which have been torn from us to be reborn. A space where we can regain a sense of self. Sometimes the best approach to conflict is to retreat and regroup. To live to fight another day. The ability to strategize.

Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces

My only insights to share during this new moon in Gemini for Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces is to allow yourself to follow your dreams to achieve your great work. There may be obstacles that you encounter. Shadows and fears that seem to block the way. Close your eyes and embrace them. The Cancer energy is providing us the opportunity to return to what we always knew was our purpose before the world became too real. Before we grew up and felt that we could not have what we desired (Venus/Mars).

Saturn in Aquarius

Our systems are experiencing a radical change. They are drastically changing in their function and purpose. The philosophy of their purpose is being rewritten to better reflect our current society. Saturn has laid bare the limits of this world and Aquarius will not accept it. Our eye is on the future. What legacy are we leaving for those who come after us? What have we done to critically engage with the legacy that we have been gifted?

Uranus in Taurus

Who guides you in your spiritual life and why? Who do you follow? Who influences you? Are you pulled in this direction and that because of a trend? The most shared video or post on your favorite social media app? Or do you go to the source? Take a walk outside. Feel the ground beneath your feet. The flow of water around your body. The rush of air through your field. The heat of the flame against your skin. Is your connection direct or through a channel, an external form?

Pluto in Capricorn

What is the furthest that you have gone to survive? Do you believe the stories that you are told about WHY our world functions as it does? Do you accept it without question? Does the means justify the ends?

Capricorn although closely aligned with the energy the shifting towards the light during the darkest times, it also undoubtedly calls into question how far we are willing to go to survive. Capricorn will do what has to be done. It asks us to look at what we care about most and what we do to safeguard it. Or we believe we do. Pluto is shapeshifter. It is not easy to perceive. We think we know what it is or what it means, but it can be whatever it chooses. It is too far away from our limited understanding to be clearly understood. Yet we continue to want to name it, to limit it, to perceive it. Particularly, while in Capricorn we want to know what we are working with. It is only through this knowing that we can survive.

But how do we do this with an unknowable object? We could shut down. Fall back on what we know. Use outdated inherited solutions that have never worked, but only managed the status quo. Or we could step out on faith. Faith that we can try. That we can find the path which will take us where we want to be. Capricorn is successful not because they are hard workers, blessed, or highly favored. It is because they are wise or foolish enough to keep going. To climb the unclimbable mountain as the sea-goat.

Represented by the Devil card in astrology, they are the second tier of the The Lovers. They are the things that we are connected to which can constrain us, our earthly attachments. The pull of gravity that keeps us safely connected to our planet, also must be forcefully repelled in order to explore the stars. Capricorn asks us to break the restraints. To see what Pluto has to share with us. Just take the leap into the deepest waters of our psyche, into our past/present/future, to the world that we inherited both physically, genetically, and spiritually. Flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood, spirit of my spirit.

What have you done to survive? What has been done to you in the name of advancement? What will you do to change it?

With love,

Mila Rose


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