The Energy of Winter


Greetings beloveds,

Here’s a revised version of the energy of Winter. Enjoy!

Winter – A time of rest where we set our intentions, hopes, and goals for the upcoming time of movement during the spring. A time for personal development, to heal, do shadow work, and get in touch with your emotions through physical movement and the body. Winter gives us a chance to create plans, gather information, and design an action plan.

According to the Chinese five elements system, winter is associated with the element of water. Water is a conduit of energy associated with adaptability and fluidity due to its ability to shift it’s form depending on the environment in which it finds itself. Water is an abundant element within our world. In fact, our physical bodies and the Earth are composed mostly of water. How well do you understand yourself in relationship to the water of this world as well as your body? Winter provides the perfect opportunity for you meditate on these questions and study the element of water.

Spending time in nature also provides many lessons about the process of creating life. During the winter, the Earth in that hemisphere is in hibernation.  It appears to be inactive and still. The stillness draws us in, encouraging us to want to better understand ourselves as well as the world around us. Although it seems that the world is still during this time, it is actively growing within its womb the manifestations of life to come forth in the spring. Do you remember how a seed grows? The warm earth combined with the moisture of the soil interacts with the needs of the seed to slowly pull the life from within it’s shell. The Earth nurtures that life until the world above it has shifted to provide an environment through which the plant can thrive. Over the years we have shifted our attention and respect away from the Earth and its feminine energy to the Sun as the masculine. We shy away from the Earth’s time, just as we shy away from the power of the Divine Feminine’s shadow side. Learning to love the Earth, particularly during the colder months, is one way to access the feminine and to understand how she functions, loves, manifests, and creates change.

New Years-Winter Solstice

Those who follow a Wiccan or Celtic path may honor the new year during Samhain as that is when the veils between the worlds are thinnest. As a Priestess of the Dark Goddess though, winter solstice is the perfect time to commune with the Divine while you are within the underworld. This is also a great time to design your intentions, goals, and plans for the next year. As the longest night of the year, the extended period of darkness corresponds with the depths of our subconscious. Our subconscious holds our deepest desires and unconscious drives. Through exploration of these aspects of ourselves we can determine the path through which we can heal and grow to achieve our dreams.

Here’s an example of how I prepare for the upcoming year using ritual and tarot/oracle cards. During my Winter Solstice ritual I enjoy using a tarot deck in a Celtic cross spread to understand the main focus of the upcoming year. Then I use an oracle deck for a seasonal spread to get an idea of what my main focus for each season will be. I pull 5 cards, the first card representing the general energy of the next year, then a card for each season. For example, in 2017 my general energy was Hekate and Illumination through a journey in the Underworld. Then as every season changes during the upcoming year I pull new cards. One new general energy reading and three more for each month in that season. This system allows for me to remain engaged in my spiritual practice throughout the year without getting overwhelmed with a large ritual every time the season changes.

How do you flow with the season during the winter? What are you rituals for Winter Solstice?


Connecting to the Divine Feminine: Winter


Greetings beloveds,

Today we will discuss seven easy ways to connect to the Divine Feminine during the Winter.

  1. Winter solstice is the perfect time to commune with the spirits while you are within their realm-the underworld. As the longest night of the year, this is the time when you are in the depths of the underworld are easiest to access.
  2. According to the Chinese five elements system winter is associated with the element of water. During the winter months it’s recommended that you study the element of water.
  3. Connect to the Earth- We’ll cover this more later in the season.
  4. Create nurturing rituals which draw on the element of earth, water, and warmth. This could include warming drinks, hot meals, snuggling under throws, lighting a fire, or taking a hot shower or bath.
  5. Dress in coats, wraps, and accessories in deep earth tones, cool blues, white, green, red or any color that reminds you of winter.
  6. Meditate on the energy of winter and personal development. What areas of your life are calling for your attention? Where do you need to nurture yourself?
  7. Set aside time each day to rest. During the winter, although externally the world may be resting, internally we are healing and growing. In the Winter, we are encouraged to go within and rest just as the feminine does through various myths of the underworld.

Let me know how you connect with the Divine Feminine during the Winter!


The Goddesses of Life and Death: Kali Ma

Greetings beloveds,

Today will be providing resources on the Goddess of Life and Death: Kali Ma



Infinite Goddess- Kali Kali: Hindu Goddess

Ancient History Encyclopedia- Kali

The Mystica- Kali Ma

The Thought Co- Kali: The Dark Mother Goddess in Hinduism

Speaking Tree-Stories of Goddess Kali

Dolls of India- Kali the Goddess: Gentle Mother, Fierce Warrior

Daily O- Why We Must Worship Goddess Kali

Journey to Goddess- Goddess Kali

Tirumalesa- The Baffling Story of the Only Kali Temple Where Mother Goddess is Alive in Her Real Form 

Write Spirit- The Relationship between Mother Kali and Lord Shiva

Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple- Kali Story

Durga- Durga and Kali

Indian Mythology- How Raktabija was Destroyed by Maa Kali


Phases of the Moon: Waning Gibbous Part 1

autumn moments (1)

Greetings beloveds,

At the recent women’s full moon circle, we did a descent into the underworld. I am used to being in the underworld as that is my home. This time though I was not looking forward to this trip because I was feeling a bit overwhelmed dealing with all the feelings of having to assert myself in turning down a potential suitor. Although some do this with no issue I have always had a hard time with this because I always feel so bad about not reciprocating someone’s feelings. Yet, I knew that I had to be upfront and honest about what I felt. It was empowering but I also felt a bit vulnerable.

As we went into the underworld I looked forward to seeing what message I would receive while there. I was not expecting the reception that I found upon passing the final gate. I have been working on a project featuring 12 Goddesses. As my flesh was placed upon the meat hook my soul rose in its usual garb of starlight. I found myself surrounded by these Goddesses. Slowly they stepped forward one by one, anointing me with their elements and talents. I was burned in the fire of Pele, kissed by the stars of Inanna, and welcomed into the arms of Isis. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced.

I had a faint awareness that something was shifting in my life but I wasn’t immediately sure what it was. I had received the information that I was to work on a program through which I would connect with the moon. I had been supposed to do this work last summer but I was not ready to face this aspect of myself. I was still feeling resistant to owning my truth. Then as I received that message about the moon the 12 Goddesses approached me to tell me that we would go on a journey next year. This would be my focus for 2018. To already have a spiritual project to complete for the next year is exciting but also a bit intimidating because it is such a large project. I’m not going to share more on this project yet because I’m still working out the details but it is my biggest endeavor yet in an area that I do not necessarily feel super comfortable with.


Taking the leap with this moon cycle exercise opened me up to more work that I’m supposed to complete. It is exciting, scary, and makes me want to distract myself with all kinds of things but I am staying focused. This is a time to accept who we are and where we are meant to be. I am the Hermit’s lantern shining bright to guide others. I am the activator.


Reflections: The Door to Growth and Expansion


Photography by Dee Hill – Makeup and Hair by Vivienne Vermuth

Greeting beloveds,

Can you believe it’s already summer? 2017 seems to be moving so quickly as we enter into the time of expansion and nurturing. June was a bit of a whirlwind month but slowly that energy of clearing has begun to settle down. This allows for us to peek our heads out of the rubble and see what we have left to work with. This is quite appropriate at this time since before you move into harvest season, there has to be a chance to actually allow for growth.

In embrace of this summer energy, here at The Bliss Institute we will be diving deeply into another form of divination this season with a new Tarot series. Each day will feature a different tarot card with its meanings, astrology, numerology, and reversal information. We will also be expanding to include guest posts in this series in order to offer a more inclusive perspective on this broad subject of tarot.

We will also complete the first book review of The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden through exploring the connections between masculinity, the shadow, the Goddess, and blood mysteries. Then we will break down the very popular Law of Attraction in our 12 Universal Laws series. Lastly we will, as always, include posts on nutrition, relationships, and the home related building connections to manifest abundance.

What I am most excited to introduce here will be the beginning of our Life and Death Goddess work. This is a huge endeavor that has been a calling of mine for about the past 4 years. When I first starting working with the Dark Goddess, I had such a limited view of what that meant. I didn’t correlate at that time the relationship between the void and the capacity to create anything. This is what I want to share with you all is the magic of the cycle of death and rebirth. How we all move through this shadow journey and can the space provided during these times to tear down all that does not serve us in whatever way suits you best. For some it is fierce, intense, extreme and for others it may be gently persistent like water upon stone. July will introduce us to our first two Goddesses of Life and Death:

latest (83×182)Izanami-no-Mikoto the Japanese Goddess of Life and Death

c5c8bb66a7b8247cead55bf2cd3a4749--african-mythology-african-beauty.jpg (500×504)

Ala the Odinani (Igbo) Deity of Earth, Fertility, and Life. Ruler of the Underworld

This is a very exciting time and I cannot wait to engage in this growth with you all.


Shadow Work: From Shadow to Shade

Greetings beloveds!

Here is an excerpt from my piece on Shadow Work that I would like to share with you all.


It is time to move beyond exploring the shadow of simply our psyche. Of exploring the shadow as a form of negativity that must be filled with light. Transition the association of shadow to shade. There is a need and relief that can be found there. Relish that moment. This can be accomplished through an underworld journey, alignment of chakras, or a spa retreat. Anything that brings you into further alignment with these vibrations. Release the idea of negativity. There is no such thing. Simply our resistance to slower vibrations due to conditioning that we are supposed to constantly be vibrating higher. Higher vibrations are simply faster vibrations. If the vibrations you are emitting or coming into contact with are slow and we resist that flow instead of leaning into it we are creating further resistance which only serves to further slow ourselves down. It is not simply our psyche in which slower energies lurk but in all things. It is balance. Where there is high there is low. Where there is fast there is slow. Go with the flow.

As you move along the flow that is the point where you can start to turn the tide. Move faster or as is more commonly heard vibrate higher. When one moves with the flow the potential to increase in speed is greater and more likely to occur. Flow with the feelings of anger, depression, grief or jealously. They are “lower” emotions yes but they exist for a reason. They are in your reality for a reason. To slow down and reexamine the situation. Feel the feelings. Pushing them down, ignoring them, trying to cover them up with light, love, and beauty are throwing sticks into the streams. They will not change the flow. In fact they will eventually just create a dam.

What are your thoughts on this beloveds?

Here’s to full integration and individuation,



What Lies Beyond the Underworld?

Greetings beloveds,

I have been doing the work over the past week and wanted to give you all a quick update on what I have experienced thus far.

To begin, I have spent at least one hour each day in meditation visiting the underworld. While there I have had some interesting conversations with the Dark Goddess from my purpose to aliens and ex boy friends. What I knew would be most significant would be our discussion of the 8th gate and my current relationship status (or lack there of). I have gotten to the point where I just express my intention to enter the underworld and I find my self going through a door or gate and I am there. That comes with time and energy devoted to this path so it will most likely not be this simple for those who have never done so before. I would also like to caution anyone from taking a trip to the underworld lightly. It is an intense experience where we are completely naked and unable to hide our true selves. It is not for those who are simply wishing to see what lies beyond the veil.

infinity-1030x644.jpg (1030×644)I have more work to do in this area but I will share what I have learned thus far. First, the 8th gate which shares some characteristics with the 8th Chakra but more so to the infinity symbol. There are tales of the underworld that include 9 levels or 7 gates. The myth of Inanna’s Descent aligns the most with my being so it is the framework upon which information about the underworld is shared with me but this applies across all levels if it resonates with you.

Here’s a little background before I get to the good stuff. I have never understood the fear and opposition to the underworld, Dark Goddess or God energy. It seemed strange and misplaced. For many folks who teach to move beyond fear it seems acceptable to continue to fear or be resistant to these subjects. I understand. Death is unknown. It is a taboo subject in Western society that is shunned and left unaddressed. So much so that we are obsessed with youth and life stigmatizing aging as a process and stage of being. The Crone has only recently begun to be revered and the elderly male is seen either as very wise or a waste of investment in need of retirement. Death is synonymous with change. It is unavoidable that we will at some point no longer be in the form and shape that we are now (unless you get into some really interesting magic or enlightenment). So I find myself relating to this work from a different stance than many. I do not fear this space of the unknown that is dark not because it is evil or bad but because it hold the potential for ALL forms of creation. It is the womb and the tomb where energy is transmuted into something new. How could that be something that we resist? It is so inviting, warm, and welcoming. No judgement or control necessary simply peace and rest.

Due to my alignment with the underworld as well as some information that I received that when I am in spirit form my main job is pretty much the equivalent of the Grim Reaper, as in I assist in the transition of souls from one plane to another, my relationship with underworld work is not quite like any one else’s I have met so far. What I was shared with about the 8th gate was that because it was generally left out of the myths and underworld journey’s folks who venture to do this work do not receive the full healing and rest that should occur. They have become unburdened but continue forth without taking advantage of a unique moment of manifestation and complete realignment with self. They go through the death/rebirth process without having the joy of truth in their being. The 8th gate is that space.

When our souls leave this place and are no longer within our bodies they transition through the energetic realms. Releasing the holds of this dimension which kept them dense. As they become light, returning to their true form they reach a critical point. The place where the review and holds of this lifetime are completely released. They cross through the 8th gate. It is that place between the lower and upper realms. It is the bridge or resting point. It will be different for every person but it is the place of dreams, visions, and unhindered desires. It is where we come to determine who it is we desire to be and unrestrained by the laws of this plane are able to bring them forth immediately.

It is my work at this time to create ways for those who wish to visit this space. To change their world.

I went through my own 8th gate to be presently surprised to see it is where I meet with my guardians and guides. It was a place I had spent much time in and had not known that my relationship with the underworld allowed me access to this space. I will share more later as it becomes time but for now. I hope that you all find your way to this place. Feel the ability to dream and be free.

With love,


Freedom Comes at a Price: Releasing Our False Selves

4203848560_45c724079a.jpg (500×354)

Greetings loves,

We are moving from the depths of our being to the freedom that comes from when we truly know who we are as we transition from Scorpio to Sagittarius astrologically. While Scorpio rules over the 8th house which is centered on our position to and experiences with love, sex, taxes, debt, and death. Right, most of the topics that folks would rather not discuss in public and even then these are difficult subjects to broach. This year, a 9 year which I discuss here, brought to the forefront that now is the time for us to go into the basement and take a good long look at what all we have been carrying around that needs to be faced.

Right now we are going through a universal winter. It seems that Game of Thrones may have been wiser then we all thought with their catchphrase of “winter is coming”. We are facing the shadow head on whether we are ready to or not. The results of which will lead to empowerment or delusion. We will all travel to the depths of the underworld but whether we all return is another story. Some of us are meant to stay in this space and others not. It will depend on the choices that we make at this time. Will you cling to your false light hoping that it will be enough to see you through or will you embrace your whole self both light and dark releasing duality and embracing polarity?

There are some of us who are the Dark Goddess and have been for quite some time. I have noted that these folks are feeling this shift the hardest. Going through the birthing pangs as Ereshkigal writhing alone and in the dark. Facing those who are saying “it’s not that bad” or “give it a chance let’s see how things go”. We know though that that only prolongs the process. It is only through BECOMING the  Dark Goddess and seeing her for who she truly is the Goddess of creation and rebirth, that we are able to live again. She is literally attempting to birth us into a new world at this time. So are you silencing her? Attempting to persuade her that her pain is not real? Or are you standing with her and seeing the truth of this moment?

1a8f77a9bf1f2bdb6f46f465e64f4e46.jpg (541×800)

We all have a role to play so we must accept where folks are while continuing to share information and ensure the safety of everyone around us both near and far. Know that although you may feel as if you are strung up on the meat hook at this time that I see you both Goddess of heaven and earth/death. Your pain is not in vain. The tides will turn and you will rise with a fierceness of which they have never seen. You will find those who rejoice in your apparent loss of life and they will take your place hopefully to learn the lessons of the acceptance which must occur.

Wisdom will come from this crisis of faith. Quite a few of us are questioning everything. Our beliefs, our magic, our faith and trust in humanity. It’s the tricks of the times. Come back to center, feel your way through. Wisdom can come through sacrifice and suffering. The wisest have often gone through the most. Use this time to gather your resources, reserve your energy, and nourish your community. When the transition comes we will be needed. I felt this strongly about a week ago that when others awaken and come up from the underworld they will be looking for ways to act. This is already happening.

Take some time to yourself.  As I said to one of my loves recently, you’re no good to anyone if you’re not taking care of yourself.

I love you all,