Lighten Up

Saturday Salutations Beloveds!

As we prepare for the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere, it’s time to take all those plans that we made in the winter and put them into motion. Did you set your intentions yet? If not check out the quick tips here to create some intentions of your own.

I know one of the biggest barriers when it comes to spirituality is putting the many often abstract principles into practice. For myself, as a ciswoman of color, I often do not find alignment with some of the more popular Pagan festivals which fall in the Wheel of the Year such as Imbolc, Beltane, or Mabon. But luckily no matter what path you follow there are many practices that exist which cross the many different roads that we may take.

Here’s one that I practice:

I. Review your winter intentions. This will guide you as you start to take action on the desires that arose during your time in the underworld during the winter.

II. Create an environment that invites you to relax and spend as long as you need meditating on your intentions.

III. Choose the 2-3 that you feel most drawn to. You’ll know this by the feeling that you receive as you meditate, read, or feel physically drawn to (you may follow along with your reading with your finger to connect physically with the energy of the intention).

IV. Locate a calendar either on your phone, a planner, or digital on your computer. Create a timeline with goals and action items listed under each goal. Remember to make SMART goals and objectives. You may want to sync these to the moon cycles or follow your own flow.

Remember this is the time to plant your seeds. So you may be wanting to bring more love into your life. Your goal might read: over the next year I will receive and welcome more acts of love, especially self love in every facet of my life. Now this could be more specific as to how much or what kind of acts you would like to receive and give to yourself. Perhaps you will commit to taking yourself out dinner once a month. Or you set the law of attraction in affect to draw in lunch dates with your friends. It’s all up to you! This is only the beginning so plant those seeds so they can grow into the ultimate harvest of what you desire.

In fact lets take a look at an example of what that might look like. Your goal: By December 1, 2016 I will have finished the initial draft of my short novel. Put as much detail as you can into this. What this means is creating an outline of your novel so you have a rough idea of what “finished” means as far as chapters and content. With your outline complete, action items here will resemble a writing schedule such as: I commit to writing a chapter every month after dinner (or how long it will take to meet your initial goal of finishing the book). You can break this down into smaller goals for each week or day if that works for you. This system may not work for you at all though. That’s why you spend time in meditation to let the best process reveal it’s self to you.

Are you ready to plant your seeds?





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