Thinning Veils

Greetings beloveds,

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I hope you are well. Have you felt a ease in the energies that you are experiencing? Has it become easier to rest in your truth and share from your soul? If so feel free to share how this came about and what you plan to do with this newfound ease in being.

I recently celebrated my 29th birthday. This was the end for me of the tumultuous Saturn return. I could definitely say that my time from age 26-29 has definitely been challenging but healing as well. I have faced the shadow and come to love her as a part of myself. Although I am still in the shadow of my return, and by in the shadow I mean when a planet passes through any constellation or moves by any planet there is that time before it actually passes to the time afterwards where one can still feel the effects of that planets influence. When one is experiencing the after effects that is known as being in that planets shadow. So for a bit longer I’ll feel the clearing, aligning, reformation around authority and relating for a while longer. I can say though on the day following my birthday I felt such calm. I was so grounded. As someone with only one earth sign in their birth chart it is unusual for me to be so stable. Yet I felt secure and at peace with all that I am and all that I will be.

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The day before my birthday I attended a know your purpose workshop put on by y wonderful friend Teri at her Epiphysis Center and it helped solidify all the things that I knew but was never bold enough to share or believe. The clarity that comes from those who support you, the love that you give to yourself, and taking time to listen to the divine will change your life. It can provide the guidance that so many of us desire while trying to navigate through our time in the space.

So as Samhain nears now is a perfect time to reconnect with your ancestors, those who have passed that you loved, and with the divine. I pray that you all will forever be safe and whole.






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