The Divination Toolkit


Greetings beloveds,

Recently I started looking more into the different forms of divination. As you all know I use tarot, oracle, extrasensory forms of information reception, astrology, numerology and a couple of other tools to access all the information that available to us. Yet these are just a drop in the ocean, so I thought it would be useful to list the different types of divination and then provide an explanatory post as follow up.

So here we go!

Divination Type Meaning Instruments
Astrology Reading the Stars Stars, birthcharts
Capnomancy/Libanomancy Smoke Smoke, Incense, Candles
Cartomancy Cards Playing cards
Tarot/Oracle Cards Tarot or Oracle Cards (any type including blank)
Bibliomancy Bible
I Ching Chinese divination system More to Come
Colormancy Color
Conchomancy shells
Cryomancy Ice Ice in any form
Dowsing  Water Locating Y shaped rod, stick, intuition
Scrying Gazing Mirrors/water/crystal
Dracomancy Dragons Connection with fire energy, Dragons
Feng Shui Chinese Energy System Space, energy, objects
Geomancy Earth Any access to Earth (mountains, rocks, trees, land areas)
Kabbalah Jewish Mysticism More to Come
Lampadomancy Flame Candles, fire in any form
Lithomancy Gems or Stones
Lunamancy (moon) Moon Phases of the moon, connection to the moon,
Necromancy The Dead Spiritual realm
Nephomancy Clouds
Numerology Numbers Numerical digits 1-9 along with 11, 22, 33, 44, etc
Oculomancy Eyes
Ouiji Board or system that has numbers, letters, and other symbols on it. Uses a planchett or other object to move to answers in resonse to conversation with spirits/energy
Tea leaves/Coffee Grounds
Spodomancy Soot Ashes from anything burned
Palmistry Reading of hands Hands

Alright here’s the first breakdown of the divination types I’ll be covering here. There are many more and if you feel called I implore you to seek additional forms of energy interpretation methods.

With love,




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