12 Universal Laws: The Law of Action


Greetings beloveds,

With it bring spring, a fire season, and the start of the zodiac new year with Aries it’s only appropriate to discuss the Law of Action next in our 12 Universal Laws series. The Law of Action or what we’ll call LA for short, states that for us to be able to manifest in this realm we must take the steps to bring about that which we desire or dream of having. We have established that we are always connected to the divine in every way at every moment and that we operate in a world made up of light that vibrates. Now we are looking at how to create movement on the physical plane to bring about our desires through the act of being, doing, feeling, and thinking. If you would like to read more about the different types of energy that we may align with best check out this post here.

As stated, we are connected to the all and we are made up of light which vibrates. Through this relationship we as beings have cosmic themes that we desire to see come forth such as love, success, and peace. These can be thought of in a similar vain as the archetypes associated with personality. We first align with the divine which thrives in these themes. Then the desire comes to achieve these themes through our thoughts, feelings, and the vibrations that we interact with. From there we take action to bring this about as that is the way on this plane that we are able to start the ball rolling to physically manifest.

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Now, if you follow any of the law of attraction teachers they will often say that it is not your job to take action. It is your job to be in the receptive mode so that when the path of least resistance opens up you can move with ease into action. There are many things though that you can do beforehand to move you into alignment with the energy of that which you wish to manifest such as vision boards, positive affirmations, baths, cleanses, fasts, writing out your intentions, yoga, sacred movement, or focus wheels. These are all actions. These are all physical actions taken that get the energy started flowing in the direction towards that which you desire to manifest.

We live in a universe that is inherently simple as it is about desire, intention, and energy. Over time though we have been conditions to not have as many desires. They have been labeled as greedy, selfish, or unobtainable because you hold a specific social identity. These labels only hold the power they hold because we agree that things such as race, class, sex, gender, nationality, ethnicity, etc exists. In fact you can look at these social constructs as examples of the power of manifestation and creation. If you and others believe that there are barriers that will keep you from having your desires then that will be your reality. You have to completely break out of these very persistent paradigms to move around these barriers, or train yourself to ignore them. This can be done by taking the above mentioned actions including meditation and breathe work to rewire your energy to align to new frequencies.

In order to do this though, it is not only about thinking the thoughts. It is about taking the action to make these new beliefs a part of your reality. This may mean changing quite a few things in your life including your social circle, job, living environment, and forms of entertainment. In all honestly, the Law of Action is so subtle that we do not realize that we are using it. When we continue with the same behaviors that we always have we are telling the universe that we wish to live the same life we have always lived. I have spoken before about how our thoughts, behaviors, and words must be in alignment. That is because when one piece of this equation is off, the equation cannot be balanced. What you desire to come forth, will not. Thus if deep down you are truly afraid of rejection, failure or power then even when you take action things may not turn out as you desired for them to. Thus it is important to recognize that you are connected with the divine. That you are made of light. That all that you desire will come forth and therefore that all that you do will be in your favor. This is a big change in perspective for many. Especially as deep down their feelings and thoughts may not align with what their words or actions say.

Bring yourself into alignment though action. Meditate, breathe deeply, run, go to a place with a great environment that makes you feel unstoppable and beautiful. Then dream and from there continue to act in ways that align with that which you desire.

Here’s to you beloveds,



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