New Moon in Aries: Romance in Action

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Happy Spring Equinox beloveds,

Another new moon is upon us and this time in Aries. Aries is that go getter, get things done, a bit abrasive but the life of the party. This is the first sign of the western zodiac and that position explains a lot about how they operate. Aries wants to be first, they want to be right, and they want to be in charge because they know what’s best…right lol? With the ram as their symbol it’s no surprise that they are a bit headstrong. But somebodies gotta break down barriers and take control of the situation. Aries as natural born leaders are actually perfect for the job. Ruled by Mars, Aries can be aggressive, demanding, and prone to conflict. They have no issues expressing themselves or fighting for the underdog and those they care about. It’s always nice to have an Aries on your side. As a cardinal sign though, Aries is not one to like change. Like a ram they will dig their feet into the ground and not move. They prefer for things to change…when they are ready for them to. Although change usually does bring about conflict which they can be up for if it’s going to be exciting.

A new moon in Aries points to new starts and this year this energy is all geared towards love. There’s a new romance on the horizon for you and it will be intense just like Aries. As the overall energy of this time during March/April is about masculinity and emotions it appears that this will drive the expression of affection to arise from those who identify as masculine. So you may expect to either find yourself feeling a compulsion to share your romantic feelings towards someone or be on the receiving end. If you are already in a relationship then there will be a renewed energy in this relationship. It will be like someone gave your love battery a jump.

To take the most advantage of this new spark to your love life, you should remain in the present. It can be easy to bring up the past and get caught up in old feelings but for things to move forward you must dive headfirst into this new energy. Aries, generally do not hold grudges. They are quick to move on as that energy of holding on feels stagnate and confining to them. Explore what you feel towards relationships and determine what’s keeping you from being present in the moment. If anything, put some time into focusing on what you would like to come forth in this situation. What would your ideal relationship look like? What intentions do you need to set during this time to bring that about? Embrace this new state of romance and what you would like for this connection to be.

If you are not in the space for a new romantic relationship, in the Aries way, these feelings may be all about loving yourself. You may feel a new drive to express love for yourself. Take yourself on some awesome dates to your favorite places or just relax. Do all the things you want to do with your partner when you enter into a relationship. Don’t hold back. If anything Aries is about going all in. If there are any negative thoughts you hold about yourself and your ability to be in a loving relationship time to examine them so you can let them go. This is a time to create all the things that you desire.

The most important aspect of this full moon will be recognizing your ability to be able to create the life you want to live. Right now the focus is on love. See love for what it really is though. The basis of our reality. Thus when we work on how we feel towards ourselves and others then we improve our overall energetic relationship to everything. This is power. This is love.



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