September Journal Prompt

September Journal Prompt

Greetings beloveds,

The last of summer is upon us. Live loudly, shine brightly, and be true to yourself.

Twilight by Susie Clevenger

“Summer twilight dances

with shadow cloaked roses

to a sand song playing

in the southern breeze”.

Where did you experience growth this summer? Write out all the ways your stepped past fear into expansion.

Happy Journaling!

-Kamilah Rose


August Journal Prompt

August Journal Prompt


Greetings beloveds,

We are feeling the heat which moves us towards our dreams. Here is your August Journal Prompt:

Summer Embroidery by Susie Clevenger

“Summer embroiders

sunflowers in grass

heat stitched in yellow and green”.

Write 10 things that make you smile. Then go and do, be, or create one of those things. The more we are in a state of joy or happiness the more we draw what we want to us.

Happy Journaling!

-Kamilah Rose

July Journal Prompt

July Journal Prompt


Greetings beloveds,

Happy 4th of July!! Here is your journal prompt for this month:

Sunburnt July by Susie Clevenger

“The bay splashes me

with mirrored water

until my daydreams

surrender to the waves”.


Last month we journaled the next step on our path. This month what are you summer dreams? When you find yourself drifting off under the heat of the summer sun, where does your mind go? Explore this and share what you find in the comments below.

Happy Journaling!

-Kamilah Rose



Summer Solstice 2018: The Value of Being Real

Copy of Summer Solstice

Greetings beloveds,

It’s SUMMER SOLSTICE!! In general, this time of the year is all about nurturing the seeds that we have planted during the spring. It’s a time when the world feels alive. The sun is high overhead, the days are longer, the air hot, and the waters are cool. Summer brings us the light side of winter. Remember when you faced your shadow last winter? This season, it’s your shadow’s turn to ask who are you? What does your conscious self want? To find what your shadow wants, you look at the things you manifest which you do not want. To see what your conscious self wants you look at what manifests that you DO want. The things that make you feel happy. When the sun is high we see the world and what we present to the world. A moment when we fully see our conscious manifestations. In astrology it would be equivalent to the ascendant in astrology. To learn more about the energy of summer check out my post about Flowing with the Season.

Summer is ruled by the element of water and the astrological sign of Cancer. The water element allows the flow of change to move us from where we have been to new destinations/destiny’s. This could be in the ease of a lazy river, the deluge of a flood, or the abrupt wall of a tsunami crashing down upon us. This summer we take the clarity and experiences we gained this spring and use them to create new streams of income. Many folks have changed jobs, gained promotions, and started new businesses. Perhaps you received some guidance on your overall purpose. At the very least we know what we DO NOT want. How we will go about finding, developing, or nurturing these new financial related ventures? Through connecting to our creative center, the sacral chakra. Any exercises or work you can do related to your sacral chakra will assist you in birthing these dreams from last winter into reality to be harvested in the fall. The sacral chakra is our creative, manifesting, center. It is near the womb and encompasses our ability to channel energy up from the earth and down from the heavens into this plane. It is a magical space but when we ignore or fill our sacral chakra with obligations, restrictions, or rules we lessen our ability to really see all that we can be. Choose your desire, feed it, water it, nurture it and work that sacral chakra.


The divine feminine is here to assist you with this manifesting moment. Clear out what you do not need and make way for new growth. This could come in the form of a feminine identifying person, place, or system. Watch for symbols associated with the feminine to guide you and offer affirmation that you are on the right path. On a practical note, be wise and follow your intuition. If you follow your intuition it will lead you. Worrying about am I doing this right? Is this where I’m supposed to be? CONFUSION is a sign that you are not connecting to your soul, higher self, shadow, and Spirit. Sit down and listen. When you get that filling to go then go.


Hello retrograde season! Planets are in full affect right now. There are obstacles you are experiencing. These may feel overwhelming but do not give up. Anytime we meet resistance, slow down. Just as you meet your shadow in the winter, meet your conscious in the summer. Face the things that you have done and the seeds you have sown. Know that you are doing your work and stay in your lane.


From the pain, from the loss comes those who have your back. There are new partnerships, friendships, human, spirit, and plants are coming forth to show how blessed you are. Join with those that sparkle like the ocean at high noon.


This will be a summer of change, growth, and transformation. Be open, be ready and love yourself fiercely.

-Kamilah Rose

June Journal Prompt

Copy of Blog Title_ June Preview

Greetings beloveds,

Here is your June Journal Prompt:

“Energy can move, change forms, change frequencies; simply put energy constantly changes. The path of our lives here on earth is energy in motion, energy constantly changing. To come to this realization is the path. Where the journey takes us next is a mystery – a very exciting mystery”.  Excerpt from My Path to Omega by Terri R. Malek. 

This month write out the narrative of the next steps in your journey.

  • Where will you live?
  • Write out your daily routine.
  • Who do you meet or see in this part of your journey?
  • How do you feel on this journey?

Use your imagination and write out the grandest scenes. If you’re able to keep this to about a one page entry that you can read every day. Go over this daily for 21 days (maybe start at the Summer Solstice).

Happy Journaling!

-Kamilah Rose


12 Universal Laws: The Law of Attraction


The Law of Attraction

Out of all the laws in the 12 Universal Laws this one recently has gotten the most attention out of them all. Generally, everyone has heard some reference to ask and it is given or you attract what you put out there. There are sometimes different aspects of the other laws that are conflated with the law of attraction. When we look at attraction it means both the power of something to evoke pleasure or desire from another and a force that pulls others under its influence to move towards each other. This is the Law of Attraction at its simplest iteration.

First, the Law of Attraction is tied to what we desire and receive pleasure from. The question then is what do we desire? What do we find pleasurable? One may say the usual of joy, happiness, love, money, wealth, peace, ease, material things, comfort, friends, and family. Yet, according to the second component of attraction what we draw to ourselves often reflects something else entirely. We find ourselves in situations of lack with finances, friends, family, love, business, material things, perhaps even food at times. What this suggests is that we are not as in touch with our desires and brings us pleasure as we may think we are. The things we say we want me not be what we are attuned to. So where does this point of attraction come from?

It is crucial that we delve into the subconscious. The conscious is what we are aware of without much reflection or work. Yet, there is a drive within us under the surface that is a powerful influence on the energy that we exert. It is here that some of the desires and things that we find pleasurable that are understood as negative, dark, evil, or bad can be found. It is here under the surface that we hide these desires because of how they are perceived or how they conflict with the lighter desires that we do feel comfortable expressing. Yet, the Law of Attraction is this amazing aspect that allows for us to see our true point of attraction.

The way upon which to delve through these darker aspects is through shadow work. In shadow work one takes time either through therapy, self-reflection, shamanic healing, or other forms of analytical work to move below the conscious into the depths of our subconscious. One can record their dreams to see what messages are being revealed to them there. One can embark on a journey into the underworld where they move through the levels of the subconscious releasing their connections to this material plane to remove the blocks that keep them from connecting to their full being of both light and shadow. Here in the underworld, they fully embody their shadow self, integrating that portion of being into their personality consciously so as to no longer be unconsciously driven by “hidden” desires.

What does that mean then in terms to the Law of Attraction? Well perhaps one consciously expresses that they want wealth but within one’s subconscious they feel unworthy of wealth and comfort. They desire poverty and difficulty in their life because it fulfills a belief that they hold of themselves that says that is what they deserve, or destined for, or through habituation brings them pleasure. It is comfortable not because of how it feels but because it is what one is used to. It is what fulfills the inner thoughts of what one believes they deserve. This happens not only on an individual level but on a family, group, national, racial, ethnic, generational, global, and universal level. There is a shadow side that exists on all levels that shows it’s self through the “negative” circumstances that continuously occur such as hatred, colonialism, prejudice, poverty, genocide, and environmental destruction. The path is the same. The same work must be done to explore what these are saying about our universal shadow just as much as we must explore our personal shadow.

The Law of Attraction is the gateway to developing the life we consciously desire but this cannot be done without being truthful about where and who we are. From there we can begin to change our point of attraction by recognizing the stories that have written about ourselves and realigning them. Finding the strength of our shadow and how it drives us. When we look at this way, one has always been a successful manifestor. It is just shifting what we desire so that all of our being is in alignment. You may here those who propose we follow the Law of Attraction to be selfish, to focus completely on your desires without giving attention to others, to only bring your attention to the things that are what you are wanting to manifest. This advice is a mixture of integrating the shadow but also repressing it. You embrace the shadow portion of yourself that is selfish and single sighted. Yet, through ignoring that which is not what you consciously desire you repress other portions of the shadow. Here is a radical notion, embrace everything that happens to you. Look at it to see what you are drawing towards you. Delve into your subconscious to determine why. Here’s the most important part though, you must do the same at the different levels of existence at the group, state, national, global and universal level. What is occurring at times is not tied specifically to your point of attraction or shadow. It’s tied to the larger narrative. If that is the case, do what you can to shift that energy through activism in either creating more macro programs, circumstances and systems that support your ability to express your fully integrated being.

The Law of Attraction is powerful, just as all the other 12 Universal Laws. We are to work on understanding and mastering them all. Together, they make up the system of how our world, presently functions. If we want to create real change then it helps to understand why what isn’t working does not work. Then from there we rewrite. Follow what works for you. Never let any of these Laws inhibit your growth or progress. Everything we experience we can learn from. Reflect, embrace, and integrate.


Reflections: The Door to Growth and Expansion


Photography by Dee Hill – Makeup and Hair by Vivienne Vermuth

Greeting beloveds,

Can you believe it’s already summer? 2017 seems to be moving so quickly as we enter into the time of expansion and nurturing. June was a bit of a whirlwind month but slowly that energy of clearing has begun to settle down. This allows for us to peek our heads out of the rubble and see what we have left to work with. This is quite appropriate at this time since before you move into harvest season, there has to be a chance to actually allow for growth.

In embrace of this summer energy, here at The Bliss Institute we will be diving deeply into another form of divination this season with a new Tarot series. Each day will feature a different tarot card with its meanings, astrology, numerology, and reversal information. We will also be expanding to include guest posts in this series in order to offer a more inclusive perspective on this broad subject of tarot.

We will also complete the first book review of The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden through exploring the connections between masculinity, the shadow, the Goddess, and blood mysteries. Then we will break down the very popular Law of Attraction in our 12 Universal Laws series. Lastly we will, as always, include posts on nutrition, relationships, and the home related building connections to manifest abundance.

What I am most excited to introduce here will be the beginning of our Life and Death Goddess work. This is a huge endeavor that has been a calling of mine for about the past 4 years. When I first starting working with the Dark Goddess, I had such a limited view of what that meant. I didn’t correlate at that time the relationship between the void and the capacity to create anything. This is what I want to share with you all is the magic of the cycle of death and rebirth. How we all move through this shadow journey and can the space provided during these times to tear down all that does not serve us in whatever way suits you best. For some it is fierce, intense, extreme and for others it may be gently persistent like water upon stone. July will introduce us to our first two Goddesses of Life and Death:

latest (83×182)Izanami-no-Mikoto the Japanese Goddess of Life and Death

c5c8bb66a7b8247cead55bf2cd3a4749--african-mythology-african-beauty.jpg (500×504)

Ala the Odinani (Igbo) Deity of Earth, Fertility, and Life. Ruler of the Underworld

This is a very exciting time and I cannot wait to engage in this growth with you all.


12 Universal Laws: The Law of Action


Greetings beloveds,

With it bring spring, a fire season, and the start of the zodiac new year with Aries it’s only appropriate to discuss the Law of Action next in our 12 Universal Laws series. The Law of Action or what we’ll call LA for short, states that for us to be able to manifest in this realm we must take the steps to bring about that which we desire or dream of having. We have established that we are always connected to the divine in every way at every moment and that we operate in a world made up of light that vibrates. Now we are looking at how to create movement on the physical plane to bring about our desires through the act of being, doing, feeling, and thinking. If you would like to read more about the different types of energy that we may align with best check out this post here.

As stated, we are connected to the all and we are made up of light which vibrates. Through this relationship we as beings have cosmic themes that we desire to see come forth such as love, success, and peace. These can be thought of in a similar vain as the archetypes associated with personality. We first align with the divine which thrives in these themes. Then the desire comes to achieve these themes through our thoughts, feelings, and the vibrations that we interact with. From there we take action to bring this about as that is the way on this plane that we are able to start the ball rolling to physically manifest.

time-to-take-action.jpg (650×432)

Now, if you follow any of the law of attraction teachers they will often say that it is not your job to take action. It is your job to be in the receptive mode so that when the path of least resistance opens up you can move with ease into action. There are many things though that you can do beforehand to move you into alignment with the energy of that which you wish to manifest such as vision boards, positive affirmations, baths, cleanses, fasts, writing out your intentions, yoga, sacred movement, or focus wheels. These are all actions. These are all physical actions taken that get the energy started flowing in the direction towards that which you desire to manifest.

We live in a universe that is inherently simple as it is about desire, intention, and energy. Over time though we have been conditions to not have as many desires. They have been labeled as greedy, selfish, or unobtainable because you hold a specific social identity. These labels only hold the power they hold because we agree that things such as race, class, sex, gender, nationality, ethnicity, etc exists. In fact you can look at these social constructs as examples of the power of manifestation and creation. If you and others believe that there are barriers that will keep you from having your desires then that will be your reality. You have to completely break out of these very persistent paradigms to move around these barriers, or train yourself to ignore them. This can be done by taking the above mentioned actions including meditation and breathe work to rewire your energy to align to new frequencies.

In order to do this though, it is not only about thinking the thoughts. It is about taking the action to make these new beliefs a part of your reality. This may mean changing quite a few things in your life including your social circle, job, living environment, and forms of entertainment. In all honestly, the Law of Action is so subtle that we do not realize that we are using it. When we continue with the same behaviors that we always have we are telling the universe that we wish to live the same life we have always lived. I have spoken before about how our thoughts, behaviors, and words must be in alignment. That is because when one piece of this equation is off, the equation cannot be balanced. What you desire to come forth, will not. Thus if deep down you are truly afraid of rejection, failure or power then even when you take action things may not turn out as you desired for them to. Thus it is important to recognize that you are connected with the divine. That you are made of light. That all that you desire will come forth and therefore that all that you do will be in your favor. This is a big change in perspective for many. Especially as deep down their feelings and thoughts may not align with what their words or actions say.

Bring yourself into alignment though action. Meditate, breathe deeply, run, go to a place with a great environment that makes you feel unstoppable and beautiful. Then dream and from there continue to act in ways that align with that which you desire.

Here’s to you beloveds,


Financial Literacy: Embracing the Spirit of Abundance

Greetings beloveds,

I hope you all are having a wonderful week. We are heading into spring and folks are wanting to start cleaning up and clearing out their living spaces. Well here at the Bliss Institute are flipping the script on spring cleaning by embracing the energy  of all that we have available to us, particularly at this time embracing our abundance.

First, getting to know how you function best will be the MOST IMPORTANT part of your abundance journey. I cannot write enough how vital knowing how best we receive information, share information and function with the energy of the universe. This is different for every person. I’ve found that I use a combination of numerology, astrology, akashic records, human design and intuitive/personal connection to create a holistic understanding of how my being functions. Do you what works for you as long as it gets you to space where you understand how to best work with the energy of this universe to tap into abundance.

Here are some energetic descriptors of the types that you may come across:

Do-er: These are generally the fire signs, Manifestors, Manifesting generators, and Generators. Do-ers find that they get the best results when they follow their instincts and take action. This could mean developing a plan of how to reach their goal, making contact with those in the field they are interested in, or anything that let’s their energy lead them where they need to be.

Financial Tools:Budget, Personal marketing and promotion,

Be-er: Earth Signs, Projectors, Reflectors. Be-er’s do best just as their name implies, when they are able to just be. This implies that they are in a calm state of being without a lot of stress. This allows for them to align with their intuition, higher being, and overall energy of the universe. Be-er’s alignment is everything for them. It is the key for not only financial success but success in all forms of manifestation. Finding a way to be present, still and in alignment is helpful for all the types but where it differs for Be-er’s is that they should try to remain in that state until a do-er, thinker or feeler invites them into a state of movement. This can happen in various ways from as small as a smile to actually placing the entire manifestation that they desired for into existence. Already complete and ready to be engaged by the Be-er.

Financial Tools: Budget, 401K Calculator, any future investment tracker

Thinker: Air signs I’m looking at you here, Projectors, Generators, Manifesting Generators. Thinkers live mostly in their thoughts. They are excellent at creating the plans, seeing the designs, and being able to tap into the energetic flow to know exactly what needs to be done to manifest all the things that we all desire. Thinkers love problem solving, dreaming, and ruminating for the sake of it. If you are looking for someone who can see not only what has already happened but the next 100 hundred steps/moves thinkers can tap into that no problem.

Financial Tools: Meditation, Focusing on positive thoughts, mind mapping, vision board

Feeler: Water signs, Projectors, Generators. Feelers are those who are the most in touch with their emotions. In fact it is their emotions/emotional centers that guide them. When something feels good and gives them that warm feeling within that is their sign that they are making the right choice and moving into the right direction. Feelers, much like thinkers and do-ers, are deeply connected to their intuition and the divine energetic flow. Their alignment with their feelings opens them up to information which others may not be as receptive to as they are too involved in their thoughts or actions. When it comes to financial decisions, for the more practical matters such as taxes and such, it may be wise to seek the financial counsel from someone who is able to stay cerebral or very grounded withing their bodies. Investments wise, following their feelings should lead you towards successful ventures.

Financial Tools: Meditation, Focusing on Positive thoughts, Financial advisor, financial management tool, meditation. Basically anything that will let them gain a general understanding of their financial status but not take all their energy UNLESS you feel called to offer financial advising.

Inbetweener: Folks with an even or high distribution of planets in various signs, Reflectors as they are open to receiving and reflecting any type of energy, These are folks who are a mix between one or more of the types.

I hope that this gets you started in figuring out what financial management system may work best for you when taking into account the many facets of your personality. Later, we will discuss in more detail how to create a financial success plan based on the different types.

To limitless abundance,