Temperance: The Quest for Balance

Dark and Light

Greetings beloveds,

I continue to feel the draw towards balance and grace. It keeps pulling me towards this reality of complex human experiences and beings. That which is more than light and dark, good and bad, or right and wrong. Its so often the case that the lines seem to be firmly and clearly drawn. Yet in practice there is so much more than just being one way or the other. There is the ever present dilemma of what is right for one may be completely wrong for another. The balance being achieved by finding the best fit. A result that includes as many of the elements one desires as one can find.

Yet what of when one persons desires interrupts another persons interests? The basis of this paradigm is lack consciousness, a system upheld by the economic institution of capitalism which can only function in a state where one can control access to resources. This type of system is inherently oppressive and yet it has been the one system that has survived. Yet, in all ways we are all being called to move beyond these systems because they place us out of balance with the universe.

Right now I am working on finding the best fit. Accessing the things in my life that do not align with my desires and then moving towards those that do. So far this has included releasing some resistance I have had towards needing to cleanse and release old eating habits. Mainly in the form of eating out so much and fried foods. There is much work to be done and I do not function as well when I consume these foods. At this time I need to be light, quick witted, and in the best condition possible. This means I must prioritize my health above all else. That is not always the easiest thing for me to do as I so enjoy being lazy in that area. Yet, the season of self-love is upon me and what a glorious season it will turn out to be.

The more that I learn about the underworld, the more it seems that there are no clear lines. There is only what is the best fit at that time. Through that perspective may we find balance in a world bent on forcing us into a binary existence.






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