Full Moon in Sagittarius: Birthing the Phoenix

Full Moon Readings (1)

Greetings beloveds,

          I hope you are excited for this full moon in Sagittarius because I know I sure am. This is the last full moon before the summer solstice and I have never been more ready for a new season to begin. It’s only appropriate then that this full moon be in the sign of Sagittarius, the phoenix of the zodiac. The last full moon brought us into an underworld journey and now we are reaching the 8th gate. Once one goes beyond the 7th gate and relinquishes our connection to the world above us, we enter into the land of direct manifestation in the 8th gate which you can read more about here. Sagittarian’s as a sign, pull us up from the underworld after Scorpio’s descent, thus Sagittarian’s shine in the 8th gate. One could say, this is the home they know exists but that they rarely get to stay in for long serving as one of the reasons Sagittarian’s are always moving from one project to another. To learn more about Sagittarius and the other fire sign visit my Air and Fire Sign master post here.

Within the 8th gate we are called within. Our physical forms are forgotten left on the meat hook after the 7th gate. We now consist only of our souls. Bare and without reproach we are one with our desires and purpose. This full moon in Sagittarius calls for us to go to the 8th gate. Let our souls take the reign without the trappings of expectations placed upon our current incarnations. Our souls are always connected with the divine so there is no delay in receiving or sending information or knowledge. We connected with our ancestors and descendants last month and now it’s time to take the knowledge we gained and integrate it into our larger core being while we are within the 8th gate.

More than likely you will find intense feelings of joy and freedom while within the 8th gate. The 8th gate is the womb of the underworld. It is an inherently feminine energy related space as it incubates our souls until they are ready to return to death and reborn. While you are in the 8th gate you are a fully sovereign being. That is the foundation of freedom that you are experiencing. There are no governments, societies, cultures, religions, friends, family, or well-meaning acquaintances to direct you from their external standpoint. There is only you and the divine. One and the same. Love in its purest form. Embrace the love being directed towards you. If you have been feeling broken, lost or afraid let Spirit hold you in the safety of its warm dark womb. It is sharing with you the energy of birthing womb. Think of how much energy must be produced in order to give birth to anything. That is being shared with you so you are able to then have an overabundance of energy to give to those who love and support you. When you return from the 8th gate you will be reborn as a sovereign being. One who is powerful, creative, confident and unafraid to act on their purpose.

sunsetThere is so much going on in the world right now because this is a time of living our truth. People who have been hurting, angry, oppressed, sad, joyful, courageous, and delighted with life are expressing this to its full extent. We cannot live our truth without acknowledging that for some that truth is pain and anger. When we have spent so long repressing our shadow, it eventually expresses itself in ways that we cannot control. This had contributed to the confusion and fear many are experiencing because although we may be aware of the power our shadows hold we ignore it or pretend “those things don’t happen here”.  If you chose, clarity is available to you from Spirit. You can receive direction on how to express and understand all the feelings you are experiencing within yourself and empathetically from others. Take this knowledge and then define your boundaries. How do you want to be treated? What behaviors will you accept from others? Our shadow knows when others are treating you unfairly and will not accept that. Honor that knowing and draw the line in the sand. Breathe deeply and trust your intuition. It will guide you during this time.

I would also advise that you check our moon sign and see what qualities are associated with this astrological side. Then check to see if there are any forecasts or insights you align with this month for your moon sign. Our moon sign reflects our inner being and souls direction. You can locate your moon sign using any major astrological birth chart producer. You will just need your birth date, time of birth, and geographic birth location.

Here’s to sovereignty, love, and the rebirth of the Phoenix!



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