The Death of the Phoenix


Greetings beloveds,

I speak of death and the underworld often because so many are experiencing journey’s through the underworld that are causing their lives to go up in flames. Death cannot be escaped as it is the doorway to new life. It’s painful. It’s scary. It’s dark and brutal. It makes you wish you had been able to stay in your cocoon where it was safe and you knew what to expect. But you weren’t really thriving in that space. Or maybe you were. Maybe you felt that this was the best life that you could imagine where you had everything you desired. So why is this happening to you? When we stop dreaming big life shakes us up because the Divine KNOWS you can be more. That there are infinite possibilities awaiting you on the other side of content, ok, and “I’m doing fine”.

So it sets you aflame. You have a new burning desire for change. You start to examine where you are and wonder how you can expand. Your current phase is ending. Some will mourn now. Feeling deeply the pain of what was and what will be. Others will feel joyful, excited or expectant. Still some will attempt to numb themselves to the reality that what was their life is no more. Take the route that works for you because there is no wrong choice. From there, you will rise eventually. It may take days, months, year, or lifetimes but you will rise.

The Phoenix must burn to be reborn.



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