New Moon in Cancer 2017: Active Emotional Empowerment -Taking Your Life Back

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Greetings beloveds,

We have changed seasons moving from the light of spring to the waters of summer. As the season start with the cardinal signs, we moved astrologically into the sign of Cancer on the summer solstice. The summer solstice is the longest day of the year representing how we at this time are able to expend our energy outwards in order to nurture our dreams and desires. To read more about summer, the summer solstice and its connection to the element of water click here.

Let’s talk about the astrological sign Cancer. When I think of Cancers, I automatically sigh thinking of all the feelings. Cancers are one of the most nurturing signs in the zodiac. As the first water sign of the western astrological season, Cancer’s hold all the birthing energy. They are the emotional laborers of the water signs. While Scorpio’s assist us with navigating the subconscious and Pisces focus on the infinite nature of our heart’s, Cancer’s bring our emotions into the world. Here’s where you can find the scoop on Cancer’s along with the other water and air signs.

CancerJune 20-July 22

This new moon in Cancer, we will find ourselves building community and support with those around us. Individual people, groups, systems, and programs that are in alignment with what we desire are what we will gravitate towards. Those blocks and conflict that we have been enduring for the past season will either completely disappear or slowly begin to move out of your experience. For some their focus will shift where you just will not react or interact with folks who before would pull your chain or mess with your mood. For some of you, those situations will be transferred to different departments or you will change locations. Everything will shift. Don’t fight it. Don’t rush it. Just let it happen.

Junes new moon is setting the stage for a summer of forward movement. Due to this shift, things may start moving really quickly. Projects are getting approved and funded. Business ventures are turning the corner towards being fully in the black with residual income for your personal interests, needs and passion projects. Creative energy is flowing with paintings, drawings, sculpting, word smithing, products, ideas, theories, everything. Take a moment at this time to ride that wave but also to breathe. Metaphysically, we generally do not state that water and air are compatible. Air likes to be lite and free while water can be dense and deep. Yet, water and air interact all the time as do all the other elements. Air is composed of mostly nitrogen with oxygen and traces of water vapor and other components. Water is composed of 2 hydrogen atoms with 1 oxygen atom. These two elements, physically and metaphorically are similar in composition. Water and air act as transportation vessels for each other. Each allowing the other to move from one phase, space, or form to another. Sometimes this can happen forcefully such as during hurricanes or tornadoes but generally it is a calmer activity. Utilize what you need from the interaction of water and air. Regardless of whether it is a gentle or intense interaction, the results will be powerful.

This new moon allow yourself to be powerful. To take that combined energy of swift movement that air and water carry and manifest exactly what you want. Be clear in your communication of your feelings in whatever medium you prefer. Improving your emotional intelligence will be one of the largest takeaways from this new moon in Cancer. Once you are clear on how you feel, what you think, and what you would like to do about it – ACT on it. Particularly when it comes to romantic relationships, right now is not the time to focus on having long discussions which result in no active changes in behaviors. As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. Always make sure that what you feel, what you think, what you speak and what you do line up. It is the best way to build trust within your relationships. Integrity, comes from keeping those lines open and communicating frequently.

Water cleanses, and if you’ve found yourself having a hard time with negative thoughts, complaints, fears, and trepidation close your eyes and visualize them riding away on the currents of Cancer’s comforting energy. Now, if there’s some external folks who are the one’s causing these issues you are experiencing, you can also visualize them being carried away by these currents. Whatever it is, let the water cleanse your thoughts. Let the water clear your energy and release your burdens.

With love,



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