Summer Solstice 2017 Love Reading:

Summer Solstice LoveGreetings beloveds,

It’s the time for the season of love! Oh yes, it is going to be a summer where love comes to us in the form of timeless sustainability. This season we will find ourselves remembering times when we experienced the purity of love. Our thoughts influence our attitude and perspective on life. When we bring our thoughts to moments of love we are tuning ourselves into the energy that will call love into our current experiences. As our memories are so deeply connected to our physical selves this will also cause for our bodies to experience the positive physical effects of love. Unlike during Venus retrograde this is not a time to dig deeply into all your past romantic relationships to determine what were the lessons you received from those connections. This summer, you should literally find the most loving memories you have whether romantic, platonic, or otherwise. Let the good feelings flow through you from those memories. Let them make you shine so that your love moves outward creating new memories that you will be able to return to later. This summer you will prove to yourself and others that when you give love, you receive love in return.

July: While those positive vibes from your loving memories may make you feel all gooey inside this doesn’t mean that there will be no issues in any of your relationships. The point is to begin to learn how to focus on love. Focus on the fact that even in the worst times love always endures. Even if you only experience moments of love throughout your life it never fully disappears. There are sparks of it everywhere. In the kindness of strangers, in the beauty of the land around you, in the fantasies that create in our minds. Love is the basis of all that exists we cannot escape from it even if we tried. This is difficult to hear when things are not going well. When others are expressing so much distrust and hate towards other love is hard to find in the darkness. Here’s the secret though, love is the darkness. Love is the womb that has enclosed you while you experience this pain or crisis. When that moment is over you will look around at all the love that has been present all along.

August: Our hearts yearn to connect with other hearts. Heart connections are energetic meaning we may have just physical, emotional, mental or spiritual relationships with others or any combination of the above. When we find the people with which we have soul ties love floods through our beings and lives. We wonder at how this love exists. There seems to be no explanation other than fate, destiny, luck, or divine intervention to explain what has found you on this path in your life. Last month you focused on the love that exists indefinitely for all. This month that love is manifested in the form of the heart connections that we make in this world past, present, and future.

September: Well with manifestation comes new issues to be worked through and addressed. At all times with all forms of connections, especially heart connections, we will have to develop boundaries of treatment. We’ve been using our memories of love to shift our energy towards love. Remember to remain mindful that just because we develop or experience love towards anything does not mean that we will not experience other emotions such as fear or anger. The point of this summer was to reconnect to the source of love through prior experiences not to ignore the reality of love that is way more complicated than chocolates, flowers, and all night video game sessions (not where you thought that was going huh). You will find yourself tested at this time because you have a memory of love that can make the reality of love difficult to bring into conversation. You must see things for what they really are though. Sit down with all things that may be causing you heartache, anger, or confusion. Talk it out or find a professional to assist you with your concerns. Your strength is not defined by the amount of pain you can endure but by the amount of love you are willing to show yourself. From there you can spread that love to the world around you.

That’s our love reading for summer 2017! Let the moments of love you have connected throughout this summer reinforce your pool of unending love within you. Return to it when you need reassurance during these times of working out kinks in your soul ties. Remember that some connections are meant to become memories and not go forth into the future. Use your discernment to determine what may be needed at this time as you prepare with the upcoming autumn equinox to journey into the underworld.

With love,



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