The Body as Water: Hydration through Food

Water is vital for our physical health. Our bodies need water to survive. I could go over all the ways that water is necessary for our bodies to function at their best but I’m going to let you find that information on your own. It’s important for us to recognize that we must take an … Continue reading The Body as Water: Hydration through Food


Divination Toolkit: Conchomancy

Greetings beloveds, I hope you are having a fantastic week! Conchomancy is the practice of performing divination through seashells. A form of divination that appears in many cultures, I first heard about conchomancy through Afro-Caribbean and Yoruba cultures through reading the cowrie shells.  Though only certain people are allowed to read the shells, this is … Continue reading Divination Toolkit: Conchomancy

Putting Up a Front: Setting and Maintaining Boundaries

During my research of the water element,on the NOAA website I read over the definition of a hurricane which is a tropical cyclone with organized thunderstorms but no fronts. A typhoon, likewise, is a tropical cyclone that originates in the Indian or western Pacific ocean. tropical depression tropical storm hurricane surface winds <39 >39 <74 … Continue reading Putting Up a Front: Setting and Maintaining Boundaries

The Unknown: New Moon in Cancer

Hello lovies, New Moon in Cancer Navigation Tools Allow new experiences and perceptionsDevelop and nurture self/social compassionEmbrace your emotionsCommunicate clearly Any progress is progressBe steady and sure not compulsivePlan for what you can, release what you cannotAddress issues with your mother and father in a safe space Such interesting energy with this new moon eclipse … Continue reading The Unknown: New Moon in Cancer