12 Universal Laws: The Law of Attraction


The Law of Attraction

Out of all the laws in the 12 Universal Laws this one recently has gotten the most attention out of them all. Generally, everyone has heard some reference to ask and it is given or you attract what you put out there. There are sometimes different aspects of the other laws that are conflated with the law of attraction. When we look at attraction it means both the power of something to evoke pleasure or desire from another and a force that pulls others under its influence to move towards each other. This is the Law of Attraction at its simplest iteration.

First, the Law of Attraction is tied to what we desire and receive pleasure from. The question then is what do we desire? What do we find pleasurable? One may say the usual of joy, happiness, love, money, wealth, peace, ease, material things, comfort, friends, and family. Yet, according to the second component of attraction what we draw to ourselves often reflects something else entirely. We find ourselves in situations of lack with finances, friends, family, love, business, material things, perhaps even food at times. What this suggests is that we are not as in touch with our desires and brings us pleasure as we may think we are. The things we say we want me not be what we are attuned to. So where does this point of attraction come from?

It is crucial that we delve into the subconscious. The conscious is what we are aware of without much reflection or work. Yet, there is a drive within us under the surface that is a powerful influence on the energy that we exert. It is here that some of the desires and things that we find pleasurable that are understood as negative, dark, evil, or bad can be found. It is here under the surface that we hide these desires because of how they are perceived or how they conflict with the lighter desires that we do feel comfortable expressing. Yet, the Law of Attraction is this amazing aspect that allows for us to see our true point of attraction.

The way upon which to delve through these darker aspects is through shadow work. In shadow work one takes time either through therapy, self-reflection, shamanic healing, or other forms of analytical work to move below the conscious into the depths of our subconscious. One can record their dreams to see what messages are being revealed to them there. One can embark on a journey into the underworld where they move through the levels of the subconscious releasing their connections to this material plane to remove the blocks that keep them from connecting to their full being of both light and shadow. Here in the underworld, they fully embody their shadow self, integrating that portion of being into their personality consciously so as to no longer be unconsciously driven by “hidden” desires.

What does that mean then in terms to the Law of Attraction? Well perhaps one consciously expresses that they want wealth but within one’s subconscious they feel unworthy of wealth and comfort. They desire poverty and difficulty in their life because it fulfills a belief that they hold of themselves that says that is what they deserve, or destined for, or through habituation brings them pleasure. It is comfortable not because of how it feels but because it is what one is used to. It is what fulfills the inner thoughts of what one believes they deserve. This happens not only on an individual level but on a family, group, national, racial, ethnic, generational, global, and universal level. There is a shadow side that exists on all levels that shows it’s self through the “negative” circumstances that continuously occur such as hatred, colonialism, prejudice, poverty, genocide, and environmental destruction. The path is the same. The same work must be done to explore what these are saying about our universal shadow just as much as we must explore our personal shadow.

The Law of Attraction is the gateway to developing the life we consciously desire but this cannot be done without being truthful about where and who we are. From there we can begin to change our point of attraction by recognizing the stories that have written about ourselves and realigning them. Finding the strength of our shadow and how it drives us. When we look at this way, one has always been a successful manifestor. It is just shifting what we desire so that all of our being is in alignment. You may here those who propose we follow the Law of Attraction to be selfish, to focus completely on your desires without giving attention to others, to only bring your attention to the things that are what you are wanting to manifest. This advice is a mixture of integrating the shadow but also repressing it. You embrace the shadow portion of yourself that is selfish and single sighted. Yet, through ignoring that which is not what you consciously desire you repress other portions of the shadow. Here is a radical notion, embrace everything that happens to you. Look at it to see what you are drawing towards you. Delve into your subconscious to determine why. Here’s the most important part though, you must do the same at the different levels of existence at the group, state, national, global and universal level. What is occurring at times is not tied specifically to your point of attraction or shadow. It’s tied to the larger narrative. If that is the case, do what you can to shift that energy through activism in either creating more macro programs, circumstances and systems that support your ability to express your fully integrated being.

The Law of Attraction is powerful, just as all the other 12 Universal Laws. We are to work on understanding and mastering them all. Together, they make up the system of how our world, presently functions. If we want to create real change then it helps to understand why what isn’t working does not work. Then from there we rewrite. Follow what works for you. Never let any of these Laws inhibit your growth or progress. Everything we experience we can learn from. Reflect, embrace, and integrate.



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