Divination Toolkit: The Tarot Series-The Empress

Divination Toolkit Tarot Series (1)

III The Empress

We have connected the Divine to the physical igniting conscious awareness and action. We then turned to see the other outside of ourselves through connecting with our subconscious allowing for us to see what drives us beneath the surface. Now we see that beyond partnership there is community. We begin to see the manifestations of our conscious and unconscious in harmony together.

The Empress is a symbol of fertility. She is a woman who is grown and shown pregnant with possibility. Around her head you may find a crown of 12 stars representing the passage of time which may correspond to the 12 months or astrological signs depending on how you interpret them. She may hold in her hand a staff with the ankh, cross, or symbol of the feminine upon it demonstrating her connection to giving life, heaven, and earth. It plainly states her position of power as the feminine principle.  Around her you will find symbols of fertility through the abundance of plant life or rabbits near her.

The Empress is Venus, who gives us love, sparks creativity, gives us the arts, and drives the energy that births us all into being. The power of the Empress is in that she is the connection between our hearts and our souls. She is union whether through marriage or the fruition of the plans we have made for ourselves. She takes all the thoughts from the Magician, the dreams from the High Priestess and births them into being. The reality of others could interfere with the will of the Magician. Without rational thought and an actual plan to follow the dreams and desires of the High Priestess are no more than powerful folly. The Empress balances out the conscious and subconscious producing an outcome.

When the Empress shows up in your reading you are ripe with new ideas, projects, love, or business opportunities. She represents a time in your life of growth and abundance. Take this time to be creative and produce new things. Let your heart guide you. Be the proverbial mother to your passions and most of all to yourself. This is a time for self-care if you are feeling depleted. Sometimes we must nurture ourselves before we are able to give to others. So partake in good food, comfy bedding, clothes that make you feel beautiful, company that feeds your soul, and rituals that fill you with love. While this may be a time of finesse and luxury be mindful of using this energy to produce and not become stagnant.


The Empress in reverse suggests that you may be overactive in your pursuits without having all the necessary material resources available to you yet. Or you may have come across abundance and are not using it wisely. Be mindful of where you put your time and energy so that you are planting seeds which will give you a bountiful return. The Empress in this position could also mean that a union is dissolving, a marriage is on the fray or ending, or that there is disagreements and arguments among your social circle. This does not mean that things must come apart in these situations but it is best to act diplomatically if conflict arises. This is also a time when you are finding it difficult to grow and may feel confined in your ability to produce what you desire.

Numerology and Astrology:

The High Priestess is the third key and represented by the number 3. The\number three holds the vibration of the arts, socializing, communication, and entertaining. This energy finds it easy to connect with others as communication comes easily to them. Those connected to the number three have a way with words and do well in pursuit of things that include excellent communication skills. They have a bright loving energy about them like the sun that causes all those that come in to contact with them to flourish making them quite popular. The number three is the sign of expansion, growth, and travel. A card of movement and exploration. You have to go on adventures in order to have so many stories to share and entertaining during social events! You will be a sharp dresser whose appearance is just as inviting as your sunny disposition. The planets associated with the number 3 and the High Priestess are Venus and Jupiter. Venus brings beauty, partnership, and bliss to this number while Jupiter calls for expansion, luck, and travel. Combined these two planets make the number three the life of the party whose joy is found in fellowship and heart felt connections. The downside to this disposition is a tendency to do too much. Too much spending, too much eating, too much socializing when one has gone under contract with another, too much attachment to their need for freedom.

The Fool learns the joys of friendship, love and community. He has come upon his luck and wants to extend his power as far as he can. Now that he has a better understanding of his will, dreams, and power to create he is now on the path to finding form and purpose.

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