Divination Toolkit: The Tarot Series- The Hierophant

Divination Toolkit Tarot Series (1)

V The Hierophant

The Fool has matured. He now has come to a place of power and respect. He has completed the work of the initiate and become a spiritual leader as well. He serves as a bridge between the masses and the divine not as a channel but as a teacher.

The Heirophant card traditionally shown as a Pope like father figure of the church sits or stands with surrounding symbolism of duality, wisdom, and knowledge of the divine mysteries. In many cases there may be one or two individuals before him or her seeking his guidance. The Heirophant can represent tradition and social expectations. The person seeking his assistance desires to be a part of the “system”. They are on the path of learning the intricacies of societies mores (rules and values) so they can be socially accepted. You as the Heirophant are teaching and upholding these rules in society. You are bound to the ways of the system.

The Heirophant can also represent the way religion sets standards for the masses. This is not the come as you are form of religion but that of defined roles, rules, hierarchy, and initiation requirements. Religion as a social institution that influences the masses through its’ defined structure and adherence to ritual. Even in the case of others coming to the Heirophant for guidance speaks to the design of this institution. One cannot just gain access to knowledge and the divine. They must go through the proper channels to advance in their practice. In this circumstance, this is not the card of forging your own path.

Yet, this card can also represent personal accomplishment and enlightenment through will, reason, and intuition. When this card reflects your internal teacher, you are gaining guidance through your five senses such as the Emperor does then letting your sixth sense give you that flash of insight into what you need to do, where you need to be, and how to energetically carry yourself. This is a wisdom that cannot be gained from others but must come from within. It is the religion of the soul that directs your moral compass allowing you to function in society along your own terms. The Hierophant in this case calls into question the institution of religion and tradition. He encourages you to use your own guidance system to let you know when you should follow the flock or change paths.

When this card comes up in your reading you may be at a point where you are questioning tradition and society. If that is the case you must gather all the information that you can, apply reason through analysis of the information and then wait for the flash of intuition that will send you a clear yes or no. If you do not receive a clear answer you may need to either return to the situation later or seek out the guidance of a mentor or elder. You can achieve personal freedom through relinquishing your need to follow the crowd and finding your own internal system to live by.


The Heirophant in reverse indicates that you or someone else are open to new experiences, unorthodox views, or going against the grain of tradition. You may be a bit in an independent rebel mode. Ever heard folks say “well that’s the way it’s always been done,”? That’s their excuse for not entertaining new ways of approaching topics and resisting change. You on the other hand buck at that phrase and are open to new ways of approaching life. You may be seeking freedom from ritual and just wanting to develop your own sense of self outside of the community. The Heirophant in reverse may also indicate material excess. One may be using material things to fill the space of spiritual and social fulfillment. Your internal compass if off and needs to be reset.

Numerology and Astrology:

The number 5 is all about freedom. This is the number of movement and change. Whereas 4 was all about grounding, the physical, and being reasonable, 5 wants to experience the world. Five energy enjoys learning they want to mentally expand their world. This is what gives them so much energy because our world has so much to take in and they need all that gusto to get to as much as they can. Communication, community, and social interactions are all part of the number 5 drive. Associated with the planet Mercury it is no wonder that 5’s love to socialize. Talking to others is one of the fastest ways to learn new information and make connections. The rise of the internet and technology has only made life easier and more exciting for those who carry 5 energy. They can access unlimited information at the tips of their fingers 24/7. This gives them that stimulation and sense of expansion that those with 5 energy need. This though can also be 5’s downfall. They are so driven to seek mental stimulation that they find it difficult to settle down. They may begin to seek out material comforts such as food, alcohol, sex, or obtaining money in unscrupulous ways to feed their adrenaline needs. The desire to know more and more without becoming an expert in the field can also be an issue. An unbalanced 5 will know a little about everything and a lot about nothing. They need the grounding Taurus energy which also is associated with the number 5 to help them to dive deeply into the topics that they want to learn more about. 5’s should strive to do everything that they are interested in in depth. No skimming the surface. Plant your roots and let them grow. Because 5 has such an open personality and interests in so many things they must develop their powers of discernment so that they make wise choices in what they invest their time and abundant energy into.

The Fool has now found his voice internally and externally. He has found the drive to want to experience more, learn, and grow. He has developed his moral compass and is now about to decide what and who he wants to attach himself to.

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