The Divination Toolkit: The Tarot Series- The World/The Adept

Divination Toolkit Tarot Series (1)

XXI The World/The Adept

            A laurel whirls above your head or perhaps you are within this wreath. You have embraced the call of the trumpet with childlike joy and wonderment at what is to come. You are free of restraints and unlike the Hanged Man, your world is right side up. You understand the depth of this world due to two things symbolized by the two wands held by the dancing woman. First, your conscious awareness of your connection to source and the integration of your internal levels of self which also occurs in two ways. We have the subconscious, conscious, and ego along with the spirit, mind, physical, and emotional bodies. When all of these parts of your being come together, the World is at your feet.

The World card arrives in your tarot reading as a sign that you have successfully arrived at universal consciousness. You have completed the initiation process of the Fool’s Journey and have gained access to a World of knowledge, experience, and growth. The four guardians bid you welcome into the sacred mysteries. Your superficial ties to this Earthly plane have been severed and now you dance freely between the worlds. This card is distinctly portrayed as a woman to illustrate the properties of continuous creation through connection with the Divine. This is a time of joy but also one of serious contemplation. For at every end of a journey begins a new one.

The World card in your reading also indicates that you will have or already have successfully completed your projects or goals. The Fool’s Journey also applies to mastering your

will to manifest your desires. This comes through an ability to combine your will which is of the mind with your subconscious passions which are driven by your emotions. You needed these areas to work together to give you the strength to continue towards your goal when the nights were too long, the obstacles too large, when the final goal felt too far away. When emotionally you felt frayed your will stepped in refusing to be defeated. When your will felt weak your subconscious gathered up visions of what was to come upon the completion of your work. You subconscious sent you an inkling of a memory of loved ones that lifted you up during other difficult times of your life. You reached out to these people and your will became fortified. You’ve reached the top of the World, time to celebrate before the next journey begins.


The World card in reverse suggests that there are difficult times ahead. You are on your way to achieving your goal but it will not be easy. The World card in reverse can also mean that you did not choose the path of courage but of fear. You are avoiding change and holding on to the World as you know it. Let go. Take in the lessons brought to you by the Journey through the major arcana and learn from them. There is still time for a new journey begins with the first step.

Numerology and Astrology:

The number 21 represents an energy of completion and success. Those who align with this number find that they finish projects of a grand scale with little to no obstacles. These are the titans of their industries who spend more time caring for others and the well-being of this planet than on items or fame. Ruled by Jupiter and Saturn, it is no wonder that the number 21 is associated with success. Jupiter brings luck and divine guidance to all the souls combined universal purpose as presented by Saturn.

The Fool has completed this leg of the journey. What have you learned? What did you create? What do you release? Where will the next journey take you? The only way to know is to draw the next card and take that first step.


Divination Toolkit: The Tarot Series-Judgement/The Sarcophagus

Divination Toolkit Tarot Series (1)

XX Judgement/The Sarcophagus

            Do you hear it? The sound of the trumpet as souls rise from their final resting places. They turn towards the sound hands raised in joy at the revelation of their connection to Spirit. This is the power of time and rebirth. There may be three people in this scene, perhaps two adults and a child. They have awakened from a lifetime of slumber to the knowledge that they are one with their higher power. The knowledge that heaven and hell lie within the mind. They are given the second chance to live their lives from this informed vantage point. They are not being judged by the heavenly being they are being awakened to judge for themselves whether they will create a paradise through a life of joy, compassion, and grace or damnation through fear, pain, and judgement. Do you hear the sound? What choice do you make?

The Judgement card come to us when we have reached a time of spiritual awakening. We realize that we are connected to something bigger than ourselves. Before, we were the walking dead living each day with the belief that we are separate beings whose lives do not interact beyond the surface level of perhaps romantic, familial, or platonic love. Before we are aware, we do not see each other at the soul level. That core of spirit which came from source and connects us all. When the common phrase “stay woke” is used it references this concept. Our consciousness has woken up, becoming aware of our connection to the universal consciousness.

The Judgement card also indicates that now is a time of change through death and renewal. There are old way, ideas, behaviors, and concepts of self that played their part and are no longer of use to you. It is time for them to be released. Let them die. Let the job go, move to a new home or location, release the relationships that are not supportive of your highest good. You have gone through the trails of the Hanged Man, the Tower, the Devil, the Star, Moon, The Sun. All of this was so you could figure out the type of life you wanted to live, so you could learn to discern the best choices for you. Sometimes these are hard choices that we do not want to make. They mean letting go of things that we love and cherish. These decisions could change our lives indefinitely, creating a whole new World for us to explore. Do not fear, the Judgement card is here to show you that after the light of the Sun showed us the false nature of separation and duality, that there are no wrong choices just different paths to take.


The Judgement card in reverse indicates that you fear change. Change finds us in many ways such as aging, death, or the release of old jobs, relationships, and items. When we react with fear to these things we become resistant. We find ourselves holding on to the old because we do not want things to change. Change is hard. It is not always by choice or has an immediate positive outcome, but it is the only constant. Things that do not change are stagnant. They hold no life. They cannot grow or improve. The reality is though, for those who have experienced pain, abuse, judgment, oppression, they have seen the shadow side of change to often to welcome it with open arms. I cannot promise you that the change that is coming will be full of love, freedom, and joy. What I can say is that you do always have a choice of how you choose to perceive the world around you. It is time to make that choice. Do you choose life or do you choose fear?

Numerology and Astrology:

The number 20 is the beginning of a new lesson. We have moved from the singular path of the one digit and the self in the double digits to connection through the number 2. This is a card to tests and trials. Those who align with this card have a keen sense of discernment which calls for them to make decisions based on empirical data combined with emotional insights through intuition. Ruled by the Moon, Earth, and Saturn we see the use of wisdom through our lessons learned and intuition assisting us in making sound decisions. Saturn as the Divine seeks to offer us the world if we chose to take it while also presenting us the truth of work that must be done to achieve this final step. Saturn challenges us to overcome or submit to our fears.

Divination Toolkit: The Tarot Series- The Sun

Divination Toolkit Tarot Series (1)XIX The Sun

           From the dark of night we emerge into the light of day, welcome to The Sun.  A man and women or perhaps just one child frolic on the Sun card. If there is a couple, then they are clothed in opposing colors of perhaps red and blue to display the unity between duality. Behind them a similarly painted wall with red and blue bricks provides us with the knowledge that our external world has reached balance between dualing forces as well. Or there may be the lone child riding upon a white horse. Their hands thrown up in joy as they ride without a saddle, free of restraints or need of security. This child and horse represent the achievement of balance and the freedom that results from it. In this scene, the four sunflowers represent the elements of Earth in alignment with the spirit, will, and body of the child. The child rides beyond the gates of what could be Eden having found paradise within. Through finding internal balance we have surpassed the Magician’s work of mastering the material world and have begun to advance our world into new realms.

The Sun card in the Tarot is a symbol for balance between our subconscious and conscious self. It represents that the apparent separation or conflict between seemingly opposing forces has been repaired. Alternatively, The Sun states that these dualities have never been real or in conflict. The Sun has risen showing us that the illusions separation presented the Moon card have been false. Upon realizing this we see that we are an alchemical process which produces gold-a golden spirit. When we stop battling ourselves we can interact with the elements of the world around us both physically and spiritually to create a paradise on Earth. It is through facing our shadow in the Moon that we rise with the Sun.

The Sun card can also represent a time of peace, love, joy, and family. Our social connections are strong right now. Our family and friendships are progressing well and in harmony with one another. You may also be finding yourself having a child like sense of joy and peace. Children when cared for and in safe environments they are light, free, creative, and comfortable expressing themselves. They feel without shame or fear. This does not suggest that you should turn a blind eye to any wrongs or unpleasant experiences but that you should face them head on with the courage of one who KNOWS that all will be well. That is the energy of the Sun. Be brave, be bold, be vulnerable, be open to the knowledge that the world has to offer you and be prepared to use it appreciate the life the world has to offer you.


The Sun in reverse indicates that you are close to achieving your desire but that there is a delay or more work to be done. What stands out to you in the image? Is it the colors, the people or child, the plants, the sun? Pay attention to what catches your eye as this is what area needs more work before you will complete your task or receive your happy ending. The Sun in reverse can also indicate that things may appear to be perfect harmony but there is something that is not quite right. Take a moment to ensure that you have dotted your I’s and crossed your T’s. This is not a time to get caught up in false illusions of perfection. See things as they really are and make sure that you have done your internal work. Lastly, the Sun card in reverse can also mean a broken contract or that a time of peace and happiness in your life is coming to an end. Do not fret, this is the cycle that exists for us all. There is much to be learned from this experience. Know that if you reached the Sun before you can return there again.

Numerology and Astrology:

Nineteen is the final number before we move into the twenties. Nine’s are the end of a cycle, the completion of a journey. The number 19 represents the completion of the journey to self-actualization and success. Those with this energy flourish in business, marriage, family, and life. They are creative, innovative, and able to bring their ideas to reality. When one is an unbalanced 19 they wear the façade of success and happiness while using tricks and deception to get ahead. These are individuals who cannot face their shadow so they hide behind a false light. The Sun in Tarot is ruled by Leo, Mars, and the Sun which explains why there is the charge of courage, success, achievement, and luck associated with this card. These energies combined are a recipe for manifestation and creation. Yet, unchecked they can also drive one towards arrogance, destruction, and war. Thus, they perfectly reflect the purpose of the Fool’s journey and the ongoing search for balance.

The Fool is now at a significant point in his journey where he must decide how we view and interact with the world. It is the time of Judgement.

The Divination Toolkit: The Tarot Series-The Star

Divination Toolkit Tarot Series (1)

XVII The Star

A woman kneels her hands holding two jars, one jar pours the waters of life onto the Earth and a second jar which pours water into a pool. Next to the woman is a bird or butterfly in a tree. High above them an 8 pointed star surrounded by 7 smaller stars, shines brightly lighting up the sky and giving hope to the future.

The Tower brought us sudden change through an innovative new idea or transition which changed your world dramatically. You were forced to relinquish your hold to the material world and its trappings. You expanded your belief system, realizing that there must be a balance between the spiritual and material world. The Star card represents the hope that remains when our worlds fall apart. When the Star card comes up in your reading try to remain positive about the situation at hand. Things have fallen apart so you to have the opportunity to create a better world for yourself. This is new chance for you. Take this chance and make a plan for what you want to achieve then follow that plan through to its completion. When the Star card comes up in reference to a goal it suggests that you may have a difficult time finishing what you start. Empty the jars and move on.

The Star card also arrives in your reading to remind you that there must be a balance between the material and spiritual world. The soul gains freedom and understands truth through life experiences. This can only occur when we are brave enough to go beyond our comfort zone. The Star is the guiding light which stirs our soul when we are unsure of what is to come next for us. The material world is not always the physical things around us it also is our heart that guides us. The spiritual world is not always this otherworldly energy of an all-powerful God or Goddess. It is our internal connection with Spirit. These are portions of our character that must be built up to guide us. It is our internal compass that, like the North Star represented by the 8 pointed star, can always orient us when we are lost or confused. Pour your energy equally into developing your heart and soul. Let them guide you.


The Star card in reverse represents having a pessimistic view of the world. When the shift from the Tower occurs one can look up creating a new world or one can stay focused on all the things that they used to have. Creating a viewpoint that is stagnant. When you are focused on what was or what could have been you miss the opportunity to create a new path for yourself. The rubble will fall and there is nothing you could do about what was. You can only work on what remains. Take heart! Everything you need is available to you.

Numerology and Astrology:

The number 17 combines the energy of one with that of 7. This is the number of the personal journey towards investigation and information gathering. You have an inquisitive mind that longs to know all that they can about life, especially the mysteries of the world. This is the energy of the detective. You are detail oriented, have a tenacious attitude, and an ability to see beyond the surface of the world around us. You develop your mind and continue to expand past the confines of our world. You dig deep and should continue to do so as there is always more to explore and understand. The other benefit of the number 17 energy is that you have the communication and social skills to package this knowledge in a way that everyone can access it. Astrologically The Star is ruled by Saturn, Aquarius, and Gemini. Saturn connects us to our internal compass which guides us and leads us towards our purpose. Aquarius and Gemini come together as explorers of the power of the intellect to gather information which can improve our world. Gemini provides that connection to educate and share this information with others through technology and conversation.


The Divination Toolkit: The Tarot Series: The Tower/The Lightening Strike

Divination Toolkit Tarot Series (1)

XVI The Tower/The Lightening Strike 

Mayhem, destruction, lightening, death! The Tower is a card that shows a world falling apart. At least that is what appears on the card. A bolt of lightening crackles down from the heavens striking the dome off the roof of the tower. From the Tower falls two people head first towards the ground. The world as they know it has quickly and drastically changed.

The Tower represents a time of what can feel like upheaval in one’s life. You are being called to take a creative approach to dealing with the issue or problem that has arisen in your life. Like a light bulb going off you may be hit with a solution or new way of approaching the way you have been living your life. The material world around you has crumbled so that you are forced to realize that there is more to life than things. One of which is your health. If you have not taken time to prioritize your health do so now.

The Tower card also indicates that now is the time for you to stand strong and take a step outside of your comfort zone. When the world falls apart do you tumble to your demise head first or do you take that moment of freefall to do the unexpected and save yourself. There may have been an accident or poor decision made because of a rash action that you took. If so, be brave and take responsibility for what you have done. As we know, you reap what you sow so your world will be shaped by your actions. Knowing when you have messed up and being willing to correct your path takes courage that not many have. It’s not over yet as you haven’t hit the ground. You can still pull up and change your outcome. The Tower card says open your eyes. Look around you and accept that what is happening is happening but that you can create a better world after the rubble settles.


The Tower card in reverse indicates that things really are not going well for you. You cannot recognize the world around you because things are not going at all like you planned. It’s time to take a break and figure out what’s most important to you to get your life back on track. If it’s too much just take a break. Sometimes when you fall its best to just brace for the impact and start preparing for recovery.

Numerology and Astrology:

The number 16 is associated with change, growth, and innovation. Those who carry this energy are successful and highly creative. Due to their ability to be able to create solutions to micro and macro issues, they also call in conflict. Those with 16 energy may encounter strife and sudden economic upheavals as they are called to elevate their desires beyond material success. Use your skills with integrity. Be honest and forthright, then when things begin to transform you are able to stand tall, proud of your actions and decisions. Ruled by the Moon and Mars, the Tower takes our inner drives and desires with a strike of energy to get things rolling. It is the ability to re-examine our lives and change our behavior for the better. The moon rules subconscious which houses our creative force while Mars is the power of action and manifestation. From here we see dreams coming true if they are approached in a grounded fashion. Yet, the moon can also conceal true motives which sometimes must be brought to light by force. This is the energy of The Tower.

The Divination Toolkit: The Tarot Series-The Devil/The Black Magician

Divination Toolkit Tarot Series (1)

XV The Devil/ The Black Magician

After Death, The Devil is one of the most recognizable and feared cards in tarot. That is not surprising with the Devil’s negative connotation and the imagery of the card. A horned goat with an inverted pentagram upon his forehead stands upon a cube with his right hand raised and his left hand lowered holding a burning staff. A man and woman stand captive held to the cube by chains that wrap loosely around their necks.

The man and woman could easily slip the chains from around their necks releasing themselves from the hold of the Devil. It is a matter of choice and perspective. The Devil suggests that you are being held captive by an illusion. It appears that you are bound to the circumstances of the world around you but that is a false reality. You are too tied to the physical material realm. The Black Magician uses tricks and deception to convince you that you cannot escape from your situation. But the chains that bind you aren’t real. In fact, the way out of this situation is quite simple when you change your perspective. It might help to seek the insight from someone who is not involved in the issue as they will be able to see things that you cannot as you are too close to everything that is happening.

This card can also indicate that there are hidden agendas at work. These could hinder your ability to meet your goals. Prepare multiple contingency plans but do not become consumed with your work or projects. Material gains can create a comfortable life but things are not more valuable than developing your mind, heart, and spirit. The desire to obtain things such as the next car, house, romantic partner, vacation, job, purse, shoes, or vacation occurs for everyone. We all value different things in life. Balance is the key. What we give power to can turn into our personal prisons. Working only to obtain things while not increasing our knowledge, improving the world around us, and growing spiritually can lead to greed and vanity.

The Devil figure in this card may represent you. Greed, selfishness, and vanity are all attributes associated with the negative view of the Devil. Are you taking advantage of others in your life? Scamming them out of money, time, or stealing their ideas? When you are attempting to restrict the movement and creative capacity of others you are only serving to limit yourself in the long run. Eventually what you do will catch up with you. There is time though to change your ways. Lucifer was the Light Bringer. Instead of using your knowledge to take advantage of others use it to enlighten them and free them from the illusion that binds them to superficial blocks.


The Devil card in reverse meaning depends on where it falls in the spread. It could mean that hidden agendas are being brought to light. That you are realizing that there are no binds forcing you to stay in your current situation. You have the power to remove your chains and create your own life as you see fit. The Devil in reverse can also indicate that you are breaking others free from their binds to the material world through knowledge. Lastly, a situation that you felt was holding you back or restricting your ability to achieve your goals is being removed. On the other hand, this card could also indicate even more restrictions, illusions, deception, and being too focused on the material world than The Devil.

Numerology and Astrology:

Those who align with the vibration are successful in their careers, have a knack for business, money, and obtaining material wealth. You also will have keen mind for philosophy. This allows for you to see that material wealth alone has little value. You realize that one can become bound by the things that they desire. You know that a complete life includes fun, friends, family, creative, and thoughtful pursuits. With this wisdom, you are able to manifest at will while also not being chained to the world around you. Ruled by Venus and Capricorn, the appreciation and desire for security becomes clear. Venus loves comfort and beautiful items. They desire to live in a space where everything is aesthetically pleasing. Capricorn brings the challenge of obtaining long term material success which can lead to the obsessive greed and selfishness. When Venus and Capricorn work together to improve the world for themselves and others we find them at their best, creating beauty, prosperity, and abundance with ease for all.

The Divination Toolkit: The Tarot Series-Temperance/The Angel of Time

Divination Toolkit Tarot Series (1)

XIV Temperance/The Angel of Time

Life flows shifting and changing. From one jar to another the essence of life is poured. The Angel of Time takes the task of bringing the conscious into balance with the unconscious, soul with matter, and masculine with feminine.

The Temperance card represents a time when you or those around you are modifying their behavior, thoughts, or beliefs to be in better balance with the internal/external world. It is the combination of the masculine and feminine in harmony beyond then just the superficial male/female, war/love, mars/venus, patriarchy/matriarchy, designations that are pushed upon us. This is about being all of who you are as a person full of purpose, passion, and vitality. You are not feeling quartered or forced to only operate from one form of intelligence. You can feel everything and be whole. This allows for you to have more harmonious interactions with those around you giving insight into the second meaning of the Temperance card.

Creating a space where you get along better with others is the other meaning of the Temperance card. It is the ability to see outside of yourself and realize the effect of time. Time puts our lives and interactions into perspective. We realize that in the long run the most important thing is that we are true to ourselves and live lives full of compassion for ourselves and each other. Outside of our physical bodies our souls live on interacting on the different planes and realms. These few years that we live here on Earth are but a second in universal time. So we find ways to make connections with others. When the Temperance card shows up for you, make sure that your heart has not be falsely hardened against others where you cannot even fathom seeing their soul. This does not mean compromise you own principles but to see how you can function in the world with the many different views and opinions of others. Temperance calls on you to see the bigger picture outside of time and work on obtaining that goal with others.


When the Temperance card shows up in your reading in reverse it can indicate that you are either not working harmoniously with others or are in conflict with yourself. There is a situation that asks for you to not get trapped in the battles of the moment. To not let your pride, ego or injured feelings keep you from knowing and being your true self. You cannot separate the masculine and feminine within you. You may try to fit into some outdates limited gender or sex roles but you will find that they suffocate you. Stifling your ability to be creative, free, and joyful. When you also attempt to separate yourself from others around you this creates the same circumstance of a life of limitation. Find those that align with you and use that as a springboard to build your community. An internal revolution that brings compromise between your many facets of being will call forth others that are doing the same.

Numerology and Astrology

The number 14 is associated with creativity, strength and strong earthly appetites for things such as food, sex, and material items. The quest for those with this number are to find balance through a compromise of how much they indulge their desires. This is another testing number. One will have to keep things in perspective to not fall into the traps of envy, jealously, or greed. Focusing on maintaining a clear sense of self, a balanced state of desires, and harmonious relationships with others will lead to a life of fulfillment. Ruled by Mercury which brings reason to the drive for earthly desires which can pull us into ruin and Sagittarius who must learn to balance their animal and human natures. Together these provide the perfect basis to master our inner self and then communicate from that space with others. Mercury gives us Sagittarius the vision and perspective to know that the challenges they face are only a small part of our lives. That these times will not last forever and through better connection with ourselves and others around us, we will create a future that is even better then we could ever imagine.

The Divination Toolkit: The Tarot Series-Death/The Reaper

Divination Toolkit Tarot Series (1)

XIII Death/ The Reaper

You look up as a figure begins to approach you from the distance. Is it a skeleton approaching you, his bones rattling in song of attraction and invitation? Or perhaps it is a figure upon a horse whose commanding presence asserts that change is inevitable and cannot be avoided. Maybe it is the striking image of the crone or Dark Goddess in one of her many forms that holds her hand out to you as you experience the death/rebirth process. Death comes in many forms, shifting to fit the needs of that time required to create the catalyst for change.

Nothing in life stays the same. We are here to grow and transform. Would you really want to be the same person you were when you were 5 when you are 65? You might want the energy and vitality but you would miss the maturity from life experiences that you gained over the years. Improvement, destruction, conflict, creation. These are all forms of change. As an Earthly concept, Death creates a cycle that renews us and our world. Synonymous with transformation, Death transmutes what already exists into forms that allow for more life flourish. Death is not an external force that acts upon us. It exists at every level of our being from our soul, energetic, physical, and mental bodies. When we embrace this concept of life/death/rebirth we allow our souls to evolve just as our physical bodies evolve.

When the Death card shows up in your reading you are in a season of change. This could be through the release or death of one situation so that another can be born. It could also come in the form of you birthing a new space or state of being. Allow this to happen. Embrace it. Take a moment and decide what you would like for your world to look like. You are in the space of creation. Be a creator and manifest the life you deserve. Death is a beautiful thing it just depends on your perspective.


The Death card in reverse indicates that you are in a place of stagnation. You are either resistant to or avoiding change. This could be intentional or unintentional. Sometimes we are conscious of wanting to keep things the same because we find comfort in familiarity. Other times we subconsciously sabotage opportunities to move forward in life by holding on to old relationships, feelings, perspectives, and material items. We think that things just aren’t working out for us because of external factors when in fact we are placing ourselves in circumstances to maintain our status quo. We are not facing the shadow of who we are so we stay in the same place. Year after year repeating the same patterns. When the Death card shows up in reverse in your reading, look around you to see what you are holding on to that needs to be released. What do you need to let die to more on in life? If you feel there is nothing you are holding on to seek the insight of trusted friends, family, or peers.

Numerology and Astrology:

The number thirteen is feared by many because of its misrepresentation over time. Thirteen is the number of renewal. Those who align with the vibration of the number 13 have lives that are filled with persistent change. You have the temperament to handle being in a state of rebirth so that it energizes you instead of depletes you. Change for you is growth. It is a mark of moving forward in life. You, in turn may act as a Reaper or Death. You arrive to transform the lives of those you encounter. A balanced number thirteen also acts as the bringer of life. You take people, situations, and ideas that have died and breathe life back into them. Removing the bits that don’t work and inspiring those around you to develop a new world. Death is associated with the sign of Scorpio who rules the underworld. Scorpio calls for us to embrace change through releasing that which does not serve us. This is channeled through Earth as the only planet that we know of so far, where death is experienced.

The Divination Toolkit: The Tarot Series-The Hanged Man

Divination Toolkit Astrology Series

XII The Hanged Man

We find the Hanged Man tied to a piece of wood in the shape of a T (gallows) hanging upside down by your foot. One leg is crossed at the knee of the other forming a cross while the hands cradle the mans’ head forming a triangle. The Hanged man’s face, although in a perilous situation appears peaceful. What would you do if you found yourself in this situation? Would you fight trying to get untied? Rock back and forth trying to break free? Cry, laugh, call for help, or sit back and enjoy the ride? The Hanged Man asks us these questions when it appears in your reading.

The upside placement of the Hanged Man indicates that the world around you  is upside down. The laws of the land make little sense and you are being called to discern between how society around you is functioning and how you should interact with it. Do you follow along with the system or do you follow a higher calling? In the case of the Hanged Man, you are to go within and use your connection to the Divine to follow universal laws which supersede the mercurial law of the land. Surrender to this time of spiritual reflection. You may have find yourself having prophetic or psychic experiences. This card represents that the world around you is changing and you must develop your own way of interacting with it. This may have a sacrificial feel to it because when one goes against the grain they encounter resistance from those who find it easier to not rock the boat. These individuals do not realize that they are hanging upside down. They simple believe that this is the way the world will be from now on. You as The Hanged Man see through the eyes of Spirit which recognizes that things are not what they should be.

Just as the Strength card shows a woman who is confident and unbothered by her circumstances, we see the Hanged Man is calm in the face of chaos. When the Hanged Man shows up in your reading it indicates that the world around you is a bit crazy. You must approach the situation with a cool calm demeanor. You know that although things look bad, it’s all about perspective. While others see you as helpless and powerless to the world around you, you understand when you have gathered the information and insights you need you can reach up and release yourself from your hold. You need only stay in the situation you are in for as long as you choose to. Observe the actions of those around you. This is not a time of action or quick decisions, so be wise in what you do. You are perfectly safe even if it does not appear that way.


The Hanged Man in reverse shows a man who is upright tied in place. His hands behind his back. He is preoccupied with the material world and missing out on the opportunity to have this spiritual epiphany. This person refuses to let go. They feel they must maintain control by staying on their feet even though they are still captive. This person is not willing to sacrifice their own will to that of the divine which is calling them to view the world as it really. Because this person has already created a secure connection to the Divine but their perspective is distorted their spiritual insights are also distorted. When you receive this card in reverse you are being called to let go of your ego and look through the eyes of source to understand the world around you.

Numerology and Astrology:

The number 12 is one of a calm certainty. This number vibrates to the energy of one who has an abundant amount of wisdom and an innate connection to the spiritual world. Due to this, they view the world around them as a system that is built on illusion and fear. They see that those around them suffer because of their need to fit into this system. This number allows for others to have space of peace and wisdom. Those who align with the number 12 tend to sacrifice their connection to society for their connection to the divine. Those with this vibration tend to experience hardships but due to their disposition they remain their composure navigating the tumultuous waters of reality with ease and grace. Jupiter and Neptune rule the Hanged Man. Jupiter brings on the expansion of the mind and spirit to bring one out of the illusions of Neptune.