The Divination Toolkit: The Tarot Series- The Chariot

Divination Toolkit Tarot Series (1)

VII The Chariot

The Fool has reached the crossroads of expansion. He has taken the path of new experiences to grow into who he is. He kow wields his sense of self as a means to gain success over his carnal drives.

A figure stands tall and proud in a chariot staring straight into the future. He holds within his hand the staff of will and power. His chariot is led by two sphinx’s, one white and one black, who are resting on their laurels. On his head there is a crown with three stars indicating his success in his endeavors.

The Chariot is a card that may represent the use of our will. It is strong and powerful. His purpose is to control the animal urges of the body that must be led by our inner strength so that they do not take over the course of our lives. His will is strong and his hold on the situation is tight but the reigns may loosen. In this case, the two sphinxes are mercy and justice. If he does not stay aware of what direction he desires to go, then the sphinxes may run off in opposite directions destroying the man.

The Chariot may also represent the adult son Horus, the result of the High Priestess as the subconscious coming together with Osiris as the consciousness of our personal will birthing the self through balance. When these two states are held in balance then the journey forward is smooth. When these two states fall out of balance, then the personality or driver of the vehicle has fallen to his inner urges instead of guiding them. He has lost his ability to control himself and thus may run rampant without direction.


When the Chariot shows up in reverse in a reading it indicates that one has had a project that did not come to fruition. This may be because one has fallen prey to their carnal urges and overindulged in food, drink, pride, selfishness, or greed. They are partaking in what can be considered lower urges of the body as opposed to well thought out action driven from the higher self and the Divine. This card could also mean that one has obtained power through coercion, lies, or deception. They did earn their position and yet are still wielding the wand of power as though they are just and fair. They are driven by righteous indignation which fools them into thinking they deserve to serve justice against those that have done them wrong. They are seeking vengeance when that is not their decision or action to take. They will be successful but at what cost to themselves and each other?

Numerology and Astrology:

The number 7 is a mystical number. It is associated with spirituality, intuitive abilities, and psychic powers. Those under the number 7 are philosophers, dreamers, and thinkers more than doers. They are less of the physical world and more of the spiritual world. They turn to their thoughts to understand the world around them and the information that they have access to. Connecting to the world around them energetically calls for less of a connection to the material realm. These people are not the grounded individuals of the 2’s or 4’s. They are also not the social creatures of the 3’s or 6’s. 7’s continue the progression of the self in combination with the divine that number 1 started and number 5 moved into the public. 7’s are of the mind and are methodical in their actions so as to utilize their knowledge in the most efficient way. The number7 is also associated with rest, vacations, and travel. It is a number of expansion which can be gained through taking the time to see the world from outside of the general perspective. Sometimes this must be done by being in a new location or space. Astrologically, the Chariot is ruled by the moon and Cancer the sign of delving into the subconscious. The moon serves as an example of cycles, inner knowledge, our deeper self, and our connection to something greater than ourselves. Cancer as the crab is a sign of introspection, protection, and the home. Under this sign we are looking at taking time out from our usual routines to reflect, rest, and analyze our current positions in life. This is the energy of 7.

The Fool has grown in will, determination and internal balance. He has begun to harness the power of his physical form to bring him success and new experiences. He has mastered the mind and is using it to guide his physical form. Now it is time for him to harness the strength of the Divine.



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