Phases of the Moon: Waning Gibbous Part 1

autumn moments (1)

Greetings beloveds,

At the recent women’s full moon circle, we did a descent into the underworld. I am used to being in the underworld as that is my home. This time though I was not looking forward to this trip because I was feeling a bit overwhelmed dealing with all the feelings of having to assert myself in turning down a potential suitor. Although some do this with no issue I have always had a hard time with this because I always feel so bad about not reciprocating someone’s feelings. Yet, I knew that I had to be upfront and honest about what I felt. It was empowering but I also felt a bit vulnerable.

As we went into the underworld I looked forward to seeing what message I would receive while there. I was not expecting the reception that I found upon passing the final gate. I have been working on a project featuring 12 Goddesses. As my flesh was placed upon the meat hook my soul rose in its usual garb of starlight. I found myself surrounded by these Goddesses. Slowly they stepped forward one by one, anointing me with their elements and talents. I was burned in the fire of Pele, kissed by the stars of Inanna, and welcomed into the arms of Isis. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced.

I had a faint awareness that something was shifting in my life but I wasn’t immediately sure what it was. I had received the information that I was to work on a program through which I would connect with the moon. I had been supposed to do this work last summer but I was not ready to face this aspect of myself. I was still feeling resistant to owning my truth. Then as I received that message about the moon the 12 Goddesses approached me to tell me that we would go on a journey next year. This would be my focus for 2018. To already have a spiritual project to complete for the next year is exciting but also a bit intimidating because it is such a large project. I’m not going to share more on this project yet because I’m still working out the details but it is my biggest endeavor yet in an area that I do not necessarily feel super comfortable with.


Taking the leap with this moon cycle exercise opened me up to more work that I’m supposed to complete. It is exciting, scary, and makes me want to distract myself with all kinds of things but I am staying focused. This is a time to accept who we are and where we are meant to be. I am the Hermit’s lantern shining bright to guide others. I am the activator.



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