Phases of the Moon: Waning Gibbous Part 1

Greetings beloveds, At the recent women’s full moon circle, we did a descent into the underworld. I am used to being in the underworld as that is my home. This time though I was not looking forward to this trip because I was feeling a bit overwhelmed dealing with all the feelings of having to … Continue reading Phases of the Moon: Waning Gibbous Part 1

Love Reading for Spring 2017

Greetings beloveds, I need to do some working through feelings and ideas so I've come here to write and understand. I not only do readings for the general energy for each season but also for myself. This spring my readings were...powerful. Looking specifically at love, overall I received the Slow Down card. It says "when … Continue reading Love Reading for Spring 2017


Hello beloveds, How are you all doing? Did you get a good nights rest? Stay out til dawn laughing and having a fantastic time with new and old friends/loves? I hope that however you are right now you are in a space where you are able to express your feelings in all of their complexities. … Continue reading Confusion

The Aftermath

Yesterday was without a doubt traumatic. Here we are called to not only use the skills that we have learned through our spiritual, emotional, and psychological work but also to take a stand for better policies and legislation. Our inner work should reflect externally and this means that as a whole we have to transform … Continue reading The Aftermath